Let’s face it. Jerking off by hand is not always fun and games. More often, excluding a male sex machine from your solo-play can trigger rough, uncomfortable grips on your penis, causing it to lose sensitivity over time. Besides, hand stuff gets boring eventually, and this is where a male sex machines step in. 

Simply put, the best sex machines are high-functioning erotic packages in the form of a hip, powerful sexual device. A male sex machine is simulated with classic features that enable it to mimic real-life sexual excitement and stimulations. Besides triggering explosive orgasms, these machines sometimes also require zero arm endurance making them ideal for hands-free masturbation. 

If you are toying with the idea of getting one, here are some great rewards of a sex machine that will win you over.

Sex Machines Allow For Intense Prostate Play

Did you know that the male P- spot is a thing? While using your hands to jerk off only restricts you to penis rubbing, a male sexual machine will have your whole body riding in a hot wave of sexual pleasure. Through pleasurable prostate massage, you can achieve multiple, mind-blogging orgasms. 

The prostate is an internal sexual organ responsible for producing semen and is also touted as the male G-spot. It has many, sensitive nerve endings that can potentially lead to intense, long-lasting climactic male orgasms if they are touched in the right way. Usually, you can’t do this with your hands. If you like the sound of an exciting and intense prostate orgasm, you should add a male sexual machine to your sex toys collection.

A Male Sex Machine Can Perfectly Stand In For A Real Vagina (…)

OK, I know that is a huge stretch, but hear me out. No matter how well you tune out your masturbation skills, it rarely ever matches the pleasure intensity of a real vagina. Your hands cannot self-lubricate, neither can they uphold a perfect stroking speed at the click of a button. 

Unlike manual sex toys where you do most of the work including stroking and lubrication, male sex machines come prepared to blow your brains out. First, they are manufactured from soft materials like silicon and rubber, which are way smoother than the hand. Secondly, they come with pre-manufactured lube. The next time you feel like popping your nuts, treat your dick to a soft, wet masturbation canal instead. So hey, maybe not AS GOOD as the real deal, but we are really getting somewhere.

Helps You Keep Irritating Friction Burns At Bay

Does your member often end up bruised and painful as a result of an aggressive handjob? If yes, then it’s high time you turned towards a masturbating machine for some extra yet comfortable grip. 

As opposed to rubbing your penis a little too rough, a male sex machine offers a softer touch.

It’s time to say goodbye to those agonizing friction burns.

Ever Heard of an Electric Blow Job?

Are you a man with an obsessive fetish for blowjobs? You are not alone, because who doesn’t!? Right?  Well, if you enjoy a suction-like feeling up and down the shaft of the penis, then you should pull the trigger on a male sex-machine. 

Also known as auto blows, these devices harbor suction models that can perfectly mimic the sensations of real oral sex. Featuring upscale automatic sensors that sensationally tease the nerve endings of your dick, they also have a penis gripper and an AI system to master your favorite positions. You can also adjust machine settings to achieve your ideal amount of suction and speed. 

A male sex machine is great for exploring your sexual side and discovering exciting things your body can do for you.  If you’ve been contemplating getting one to level up your masturbating game, thehandy.com is a perfect place to start.

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