What is the Handy?


The Handy is a high-tech automatic masturbator machine for the penis, developed by the Norwegian company Sweet Tech AS. Its current capabilities include:

  • syncing up with a video to mimic what is happening on-screen.
  • syncing up with VR
  • syncing up with audio (however, audio scripts are currently lacking. We’d love to see some scripts made!)
  • remote control over Wi-Fi
  • the ability to adjust stroke length and speed
  • up to 10 strokes per second! As of now, that’s the fastest on the market.

We also have an open API that allows 3rd-parties to create content that can work with Handy. We are constantly working to improve and develop the Handy further and you can keep up to date with the latest developments on here, our Discord server, and our monthly email newsletter.

How to use the Handy manually


Your box will include:

  • The Handy™
  • TrueGrip™ band
  • TrueGrip™ sleeve
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
  • Manual guidebook


The Handy machine has 6 buttons that’ll make every experience unique! Those buttons turn the device on and off, control the speed and stroke length, and a Wi-Fi button that can connect you into the wild world of interactive pleasure.

  • 1 Power on/off
  • 2 Increase stroke length
  • 3 Decrease stroke length
  • 4 Increase speed
  • 5 Decrease speed
  • 6 Wi-Fi button


But first, how do you use the Handy manually? Just follow these simple steps:

  • STEP 1. Connect the power supply to the wall socket.
  • STEP 2. Connect the power supply to the Handy
    (note: the Handy is to be used always connected with the power supply)
  • STEP 3. Insert your penis as far as possible into the sleeve
  • STEP 4. Place the sleeve into the TrueGrip™ band.
    (note: the buttons should be facing you.)
  • STEP 5. Adjust the TrueGrip™ band according to your preferred grip. It should be tight enough to securely hold the sleeve in place.
  • STEP 6. Turn Handy on by pressing the Power On button.
  • STEP 7. Enjoy your experience. Adjust the speed and stroke with the corresponding buttons.
    (NOTE! Always hold the top of Handy™ firmly and keep fingers away from moving parts!)
    (Warning! Always be prepared to switch off the power)

For detailed info and tips on how to clean your Handy easily go to the handysetup.com and have yourself an information pill ;).











How To Care For Your Handy


As a mechanical device, the Handy will need some maintenance to live a long and fruitful life. You can find detailed instructions that include a lot of important topics at Caring for your handy. What can you expect there? Simple how-to steps regarding:

  • Lubricating the Handy
  • Caring for the Sleeve
  • Replacing the Band
  • Fluids in the Handy
  • Heat Considerations
  • Warranty





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