Let’s face it, it sounds arrogant to state that Handy will increase your sexual stamina? Well, we might be, but let’s start with why! A study of 500 men from different countries was conducted to determine the average time people spend on sex. It was found to be a surprisingly low 5.4 minutes – much lower than 15 to 30 minutes marathon sessions most men think is the norm.

For most couples, lasting 5 – 7 minutes in bed is a pretty acceptable sexual experience when it is paired with a good foreplay. If you and your other half are happy with your sex life, there’s nothing bad with lasting 5 minutes or less as long as you’re both able to reach orgasm.

On the other hand, if you would like to enjoy longer sessions, or your partner is left dissatisfied after sex because you ejaculate prematurely – then it’s highly necessary to try and improve your sexual stamina ASAP.

Why do some last longer?

It’s tricky trying to pin down the exact physical or psychological cause of premature ejaculation and low sexual stamina affecting any one man. But some causes of premature ejaculation are:   

  • Poor Self-Esteem
  • Bad masturbation habits
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Worrying about P.E.
  • Stress
  • Overstimulation
  • Bad health
  • Feelings of shame or guilt about sex
  • Fluctuating hormonal levels

Besides, millennial men grew up having unlimited and instant access to online porn. Some say this us develop an unrealistic expectation of how long we’re supposed to last in bed. But who knows, maybe we all want to last a bit longer sometimes. So, to the good news.

How to increase sexual stamina?

There are various ways of improving your inability to last longer, depending on the cause. However,  one way crucial to all men is, lucky enough, by practicing. But don’t forget, you can not master anything you don’t focus on. Start being mindful about how you masturbate, instead of only repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Why not get adventurous? Try sex toys and strokers with alternating speed and stroke lengths. Find out if there are some positions that work better for you than others. Here is where Handy comes in, with all the functions necessary to really get testing!

Prolong Ejaculation Using Handy

The aim of training is to help you recognize when you’re about to orgasm. Start knowing what works for you, then learn to delay it. If you want to apply lube, then try different types. The experimentation is what brings the knowledge you need.

You start by inserting your penis into the sleeve. The Handy Masturbator has a soft, pliable, and bumpy sleeve..

After adjusting the grip band to your desired tightness, you set the stroke length and speed to how you want it. Then the stroker starts massaging your penis back and forth. The speed can be set to 0-10 strokes per second, so you have a lot of experimenting to do. This helps to determine what penetration length and speed make you climax fast.

One extra tip is to try the stop and start technique. Let the masturbator stroke you till you feel yourself coming then stop. In a session, do this over and over again for about 30 to 45 minutes before letting yourself orgasm. Masturbate like this as often as you see fit. 

All in all; getting to know yourself by practicing with a masturbator is a pleasurable journey to increased sexual stamina and greater orgasms – you’re welcome!

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