Hey all, Alexander from engineering here. In this blog post I will talk a little about how HandyTM stands out from its competitors when it comes to remote connectivity.  

So, the HandyTM comes with an API that allows 3rd-parties to create content that can work with HandyTM. Other product on the market does not share this with the public. Why? It’s to get extra cash from the add on services. Like charging 29USD/month for video sync service. We want a lot of content from everybody. Our job is to give you the hardware and the best tools to create new and exciting projects. Therefor we are releasing an open API. 

The API is not yet finished, but it will be a simple REST API. If you are working on a project now, let us now and we can discuss some details before we finalize the API.  

HandyTM is also the first stroker to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Other products have only Bluetooth that really limits the applications. The Bluetooth also has a much higher entry level for 3-parties.  

So, what can HandyTM do? We are thinking remote control, sync movement with videos, VR video sync, games, interactive contents. The possibilities are endless. 

We already have a beta for the remote-control part. Here is a demo video of that. Keep in mind that the machine in the video is a prototype with a much higher sound level than the finished product. 

Here is a video where we hooked it up to IFTTT and controlled HandyTM  through Google Home.


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