Join our subreddit Handy Control and let other people control your Handy.

One of the exiting functions with Handy is that it can be controlled by another party with remote control using Bluetooth or a WiFi connection.

In order to meet demand, we have created a subreddit where you can invite others to control your Handy. Our community is growing and we are already seeing that this is a welcomed initiative. https://www.reddit.com/r/HandyControl/

Is it safe?

Yes. We use state of the art encryption and connecting your Handy to our online services are 100% safe and anonymous.

However, it’s important to always take caution when sharing information with others online. This is important to remember regardless of what you do when you are on the internet.

HandyControl Lounge

We have also included HandyControl Lounge where you can chat to members of the main subreddit. It’s a place to get familiar with each other and share experiences with our remote control function.

If you have any other requests or questions regarding the product or any other related theme, you can use our main subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/theHandy/

It’s important that you don’t use these platforms to give out private information, so any private or detailed requests can be sent to contact@thehandy.com.

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