Wow! At Sweet Tech AS, we are so happy to announce that we have conducted our first-ever survey of how users rate the Handy masturbator. 

We are grateful to all users who completed the survey. Your candid feedback has been exceedingly helpful to us. Based on that, you’ll soon be seeing some vital and exciting changes to your Handy device.

Handy was launched about 2 years ago with the sole aim of giving men an effective, high-quality masturbator that works. We noticed that though there were a myriad of masturbators in the market, many don’t do 100% of the functions claimed by the manufacturers.

Next, we set out to build the best masturbation machine which can stand up to all of its claims. Now that Handy is in existence, we’re always following up with its performance, and that’s the reason behind this recent survey.

So here we are, sharing with you what our users like and don’t like about The Handy. You’ll also learn about the changes we are currently working on as a direct result of the survey feedback – to boost users’ experience


What Users Like


  • Superb Function

Going by our survey, 80% of Handy users absolutely dig the product so much they wouldn’t mind recommending it to friends. 

We are thrilled with such news, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. Our goal remains the same: Keep making customers happy by improving Handy and adding exciting offerings like the current syncing of Handy with SLR videos.

So what did you rate highest about Handy? – Our strength areas for sure. The amazing speed, stroking motions, quality sleeve and VR sex capabilities among others.

  • Ability to Sync with Unlimited VR Porn Videos

Our survey shows that Handy partnership with SLR is a move our customers love. Now users can get access to more than 10.000 high quality VR porn videos in up to 6K resolution.

  • Customer Service

Many Handy fans have expressed their satisfaction with the way the company handles all inquiries concerning the masturbator.

One impressed Reddit even added: “This company rocks on communication. This will definitely create an engaged, loyal user base!” And based on survey results, you all agree!


What Users Like Less


  • Only One Sleeve

The number one thing Handy users would love the company to change is to increase the number of sleeves. And of course, we are right there next to you. We’re presently working with our sleeve manufacturer to create 2-6 different sleeves this autumn, and our sleeve design competition winner, The Autolube, will be ready to purchase by the end of next year hopefully. It`s a challenging project but we are very exited about overcoming those hurdles with our users on front row – and hopefully equally engaged along the way.

  • Band Issues

47.2% of users had issues with our current True Grip Velcro band, so we’ve been hard at work on that right now. We are changing the material and glue from what we had before for a better grip.

We’ll also be designing 2 new bands – one for hard-shelled sleeves and the other for soft sleeves. New bands are ready!

  • Problems with WiFi Setup

While 107 of our 165 respondents were able to connect their Handy to WiFi with little or no problems, 55 users experienced some sort of difficulty.

We understand that setting up WiFi is not exactly an easy process for many. Therefore, for a much simpler WiFi setup process, we’ll be developing a new software 3.X FW and a companion app you can download on your Android or iOS devices. 



So once again, A BIG THANK YOU to all users who took the time to participate in this recently concluded survey. Your contributions go a long way in directing us on how to give you products and services you love. Of course we are working on improving our Handy services all the time. You will see exiting new partnerships forming in the near future which will benefit all Handy users and expand possibilities! We are very exited to be on this journey with you all


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