The awesome thing about working with Handy is that we have a very close-knit community with badass users who brings amazing value to our company. This post is an example of that, as this guide has been created by one of our users, and posted to our reddit channel

We really appreciate this and have gotten the permission to post it to our blog for all of you to enjoy!

  • TrueGrip Sleeveclosed and lightweight (weighs 105 g), this sleeve comes with the machine.

  • Fleshlightclosed, heavy, and oversized. Mounting this is one of the most common questions on this sub-reddit, so poke around and you’ll find options. Weight will vary per model, but the Turbo Thrust weighs 550 g and the Turbo Ignition weighs 530 g, with the case providing 180 g of that.

  • Fleshlight QuickShotopen and lightweight (190-200 grams with case, varying per model). Adding the shower adapter makes this closed, adding 40 g and a limit on total insertable length.

  • Fleshlight QuickShot Quick Connectclosed and heavy, weighing 460 grams in total. Note that this can leak thinner lube out of the seams. Also, applying an adhesive strip of hook and loop tape (hook portion) to the plastic will keep it from sliding out of the strap as easily.

  • Fleshlight Fleshskinsopen (source) (unknown weight, but I’d assume ~100-200 g)

  • Tenga Spinnerclosed, best results so far with the strap not super tight and towards the bottom of the coil. (~130 g)

  • Tenga Flip 0closed and heavy, ~470 g without vibration, 540 g with. With an elliptical cross-section, this can be tricky to fit in the stock strap. I don’t recommend turning on the vibration, but the sleeve still works well without it.

  • Tenga AIR-TECH: (source: /u/Capital-Kiwi9180closed, weighing ~240g. Consider the US (Ultra Size) variant, as “too small” is a common complaint, for an unknown change in diameter and weight.

Untested, Assumed Compatible

Any sleeve with a diameter of less than 2.8 inches / 7 centimeters should fit with the original band, which is 27 cm long. Here are some I checked:

  • Fleshlight Flight: A review gives the weight as ~400 g and the max diameter as 3.5 in, making this oversized.

  • Fleshlight Go: Same dimensions as the Flight with a slightly different case design, so I’d imagine the weight is similar.

  • Tenga Flex: lists max width as 2.89, so might be oversized.

  • Tenga Flip Holeclosed and heavy (unknown weight, but similar to Flip 0.)

  • Tenga Flip Orbclosed and heavy (unknown weight, but similar to Flip 0.)

  • Tenga GEOclosed (~200 g), shape might make this a poor fit.

  • Tenga 3Dclosed (~200 g)

  • Heavy sleeves (400 g or more) will increase load on the Handy’s motor and decrease the speed at which the grip moves, with an unknown effect on the lifespan of the Handy device. (A ~ before a number indicates that it’s not a measurement from a scale, but an estimate from product information or the like.) I’d also imagine that running the Handy parallel to the floor is easier on the motor than having it vertical and fighting gravity on the backstroke.

  • Oversized sleeves have too large of a diameter to mount on the Handy with the original sleeve.

  • Closed and Open sleeves have open or closed ends, respectively.

Thanks to u/Unlucky_Chemical_765 for making this guide:)

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