We are introducing script tokens—a backend script solution that allows for more advanced features. A token with the same format as a funscript, but the actual content is stored on our servers.

To push the interactive technology forward, we needed a better system for scripts. We also wanted backward compatibility with funscripts and the result is script tokens. You can already use them on Naughty America with the “dream lover” subscription. However, script tokens are not a replacement for regular scripts – we will support both.


  • The script token you download does not contain the entire script, only the access data, so our system knows what script to set up.
  • Token scripts will provide a faster setup time.
    • For now, you save a couple of seconds, but with our streaming protocol, we hope to make the setup ~instant.
  • It will allow us some new features that will update the movement instantly. An on the fly customization like:
    • Switching sync between different tracking points like hips, mouth, hand, other penises in the video
    • Switching been versions of scripts
    • Set the playback speed
  • Script tokens give potential partners DRM to prevent downloading everything and cancel the subscription. The token will only be valid for the length of the subscription. To set the token expiration date is an optional feature that we give to partners that pay us to script their videos.
  • It also means users can download as many scripts as they like, rather than capping it to a limited number of script downloads per month as some providers do.
  • Scripts tokens are valid funscripts and should be compatible on all players that use our servers as script hosts. We are adding support to more players and hope to get support for all video players with Handy support in a week or two (online mode, not BLE).
  • We are paying, subsidizing, and sending Handys to developers of video players to integrate Handy support to provide you with more options for video players. Handyfeeling local player is just the basic player we provide and is far from perfect.
    • The devs get a direct line to our devs to speed up development time.
    • Heresphere is an excellent example of that!


  • Only works for Handy.
  • Users cannot edit the scripts.
  • Only works in online mode. BLE mode on Handy will not work.

We have invested a lot in scripting and will script the internet. We want to push the technology further and provide more options for your content and players.

With script tokens we can start producing scripts on demand for you. Let us know what sites you would like us to script, and we will script 10-50 scripts for the top site you recommend and give the scripts out to Handy owners.

We are looking for feedback on the scripts that we produce. The more feedback you give, the better the ML and our scripters get. We have some way to go, but we produce scripts at record rates. Let us know if there are scripts that are bad or if there is part of the script you would like us to improve. If you are using a script token, there is no need to download the new improved script. When we push the changes to the script, your script token will automatically handle the update for you!

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