Did you know Handy comes with a satisfaction guarantee?

We are amazed by the positive feedback we have received from users and testers so far – and appreciate all e-mails and comments. Some of the feedback is questions on this “new” masturbation method and if it works. Many have bought products previously not holding up to their promise, so we thought why not let the customer try it out?

We are so confident that you will like HandyTM and will therefore give you a 14 days trial period. It starts from the moment the HandyTM shipment is received. If you decide to return your HandyTM, please contact us at returns@thehandy.com in advance. We will then send you return instructions, customs information and return address. You can read the Terms and Conditions for more detailed info.

A refund will be given to same card that you used in the original purchase, less the cost of actual shipping costs, customs/duties clearance and handling. This cost is estimated to approximately USD 25 for the US. But, is higher for countries with higher customs. Like within the European Union.

By providing the “Satisfaction Guarantee” we hope that the customer will feel more comfortable with their purchase with the option to send the product back if it does not fulfill the expectations.

Remember that you need to return the complete box with all content, except from the sleeve;) It needs to be functional as this product will most likely be used in future demos.

We value your feedback

In order for us to improve, you must also fill in a questionnaire explaining the reason for the return. We are continuously working on improving both hardware and firmware so all feedback is good feedback!

If you have any questions about things related to anything other than your product return, please contact us anytime!

/the handy team

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