We have received some overwhelming Handy reviews from Sex Toy reviewers and other independent channels who was interested in testing our product. They all received a free Handy and the reviews are based on honest feedback.

We know that finding information about products can be daunting so we figured we would make it easier for you! We have therefore gathered some amazing reviews we have received in this article for your enjoyment!

Obsession Rouge: The Handy Has No Equal

The Handy has no equal as far as I’m concerned. It is an amazing sex toy and has set the bar high for other smart sex toys. The thing I like most about The Handy is how good it would be for a long distance relationship. Using this toy would be a really great way to keep the spice in a relationship going, even if you’re in a different part of the world to one another.

Some people will love the fact that the Handy can be synced with adult videos. It certainly adds a lot of variation to the masturbation experience of the Handy. I prefer to get someone else to control The Handy remotely though, for me it’s far hotter.

The Handy’s main weak point for me is the velcro sleeve that I find fiddly to adjust when my penis is already inside the sleeve. The Handy is not waterproof and must be powered using its long adapter cable. I don’t personally consider that a weak point but I know some people prefer battery-operated toys.

I’m really looking forward to the future updates that the company has planned and I recommend The Handy 110%! It is one of the most revolutionary sex toys I’ve used in a long time.

There is no real harm in trying The Handy out. I think you’ll love it and if you don’t the company offers a 14 day no questions money-back guarantee. That’s pretty rare for sex toy companies!’


The Big Gay Review: The Handy – The Ultimate Masturbation Machine

Pros: Powerful, adjustable, fairly quiet and stroke length should mean this is approachable for most penises.

Cons: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity is a little spotty (but it is in Beta so hopefully this will improve).

Bottom Line: This is everything the AutoBlow should have been. A truly adjustable automatic stroking machine that works with almost any size. Feels freakin’ awesome as well.


Crafting Worlds: The Best Male Sex Toy On The Market

“I dunno who designed the sleeve, but it is genius. It feels like sex during the sex scenes. It feels like a blowjob during the blowjob scenes, and it feels like a hand-job during the hand-job scenes. Shit it even feels like the exact location in which that action is happening due to the amazing range of motion the Handy has. It can be teasing the tip, deep throat the base, stroking the whole shaft. It just convinces your mind, that what you see is happening in your pants. Fuck as I write this I wanna go for a quickly! haha, nooo must complete this review so others can get through this quarantine with a huge smile on their face and drained balls like me!”


69desirs.com: The Masturbation Revolution?

Summary: “In the end, I must say that this is a very good model of automatic masturbator, connected and can be used with synchronized videos. With it´s many existing and future connected features, it is surely one of the most complete products on the market! I Can’t wait to see what’s next, either on this model or the next SweetTech model!


Forbiddenwritings: Something Pretty Special

I know I don’t have a rating system on my blog, but if I did, I’d have to give Handy a higher-than-max score and recommend that anyone who wants to experience masturbation in ways they never thought possible to purchase this product and follow the Handy team for news on their newest innovations.

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  • Dmike says:

    Cut the tip off the sleeve to where your penis goes through it.. you won’t regret it.. totally different experience

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