Excerpt from the article in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet pluss 19.07.2020 | In Norwegian

One of the masturbation machines particularly stood out as the test panel’s clear favorite.

The participants in this test are Andreas Østerøy (24) and Cristian Andre Louis Brennhovd (20), both famous faces from last year’s and this year’s season of Ex on the Beach (NO).

Participants were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What do you think about the product’s appearance and quality?
  2. Noise?
  3. Ease of use – is the product easy to use?
  4. Positive / negative things?
  5. Orgasm factor – does it do the job?
  6. Dice roll 1-6

The Handy – The Ultimate Handjob machine

This product promises to provide an amazing masturbation experience without you having to lift a finger. It is a jerking machine where you can adjust the machine according to your wishes and needs, and where you can adjust the size and intensity. Settings for up and down movements, in both length and speed, give you a tailored experience. The product is plugged into an electrical outlet.


  1. The quality and appearance of this is very good.
  2. It makes some sound, a machine sound. But it was not very loud.
  3. There is a strap at the front to be pulled out, I thought it was a little difficult to get out of it, but otherwise it was very easy to use. You quickly understand how to navigate your way forward.
  4. The only negative is that it is not rechargeable, you have to connect it to power.
  5. This one really did the job! I tested with Sandra (partner), and she almost got a little angry, when I said that the only difference between this and her, was that this did not get tired.


  1. This one is totally sick – I love it! In appearance it may look a bit much, but the quality seems very good.
  2. It makes quite a lot of sound, so unless you have AirPods in, you will notice the sound

    Handy Ultimate Handjob Maskin. 1895 kroner (www.thehandy.com)

  3. The product is easy to use, but I struggled a bit at first to understand how to change the speed, but it went well after I had tried a little. Would recommend reading the user manual. Super easy to clean.
  4. The sound pulls down a bit, but it’s one of my favorites anyway.
  5. I orgasmed very easily!

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