Handy MultiControlwhere cam stars can directly control the orgasms of their entire audience in real time 

Here at Sweet Tech, we strive to make history in in the sex tech space – and we’re happy to say that’s exactly what we did recently with our MultiControl feature. The first MultiControl cam show in history was our first live test which took place on 18th December 2020 featuring JOI specialist Teeny Ginger as the host. Up to 30 Handy devices were connected at any one time, following Teeny Ginger’s every commandSo now you’re dying to know… 

What is MultiControl? 

MultiControl is a feature we’ve developed that allows for multiple Handy devices (whether it’s 5 or 10000) to be remotely controlled at the same time by one or more hosts. Not only that, but there is also the ability to broadcast a live cam feed and a chat room for a more social and interactive experience.  

Who can use MultiControl? 

As for how MultiControl can be used – whether it’s your own private virtual orgies, a competition for who can last the longest, or interactive shows from professional cam talents, MultiControl can add an extra dimension to your virtual sexual experience. All you need is a Handy (or other people with Handys) and your imagination… 

Can MultiControl be used now? 

Yes! Since we are in the beta stage which means we are still testing and improving upon it, we need users and cam talents alike to test out the feature and provide us with any and all feedback.  

You can use it right now by heading to MultiControl. 

Your suggestions and comments (even if it’s simply to say “this is AWESOME!”) are always hugely appreciated and will prove invaluable in creating a product that is a joy to use for everyone involved.   

Please take 2 minutes to fill in the short survey linked below to let us know what you think! There is a separate survey for Handy users and Cam Talents. 

Survey for Handy users: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DR7CXLL 

Survey for cam talents: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DT833JT  

Handy MultiControl Guide 

The Handy MultiControl allows a broadcaster to stream their webcam and microphone, and control the Handys of connected viewers from a single interface. Viewers can chat with the broadcaster. You can access the MultiControl feature at www.thehandy.com/lp/multi-control/. 

This feature is currently in very early stages of development, so functionality is limited and may be unstable. 

Broadcaster Setup 

A broadcaster will need to create a Control Room to begin a live broadcast. Each Control Room has a number of broadcaster tools to help you manage your broadcast. 

  1. Go to the Handy MultiControl site 
  2. Click on Create Control Room 
  3. Click Generate a new room 
  4. This button will create a room identification and authentication keys for you.  
  5. Write down your room id and authentication key. This combination of keys proves that you are the broadcaster of that control room. Keep these safe because anyone will be able to broadcast in the room you created with these credentials 
  6. For security reasons, you cannot give your room a customized name 
  7. Enter a nickname 
  8. Click Start to create the control room and begin the broadcast 

Note: If you try to enter custom input for Room Identification and Authentication key, you will receive the following error: “Authentication key is not correct for this room id.” 

Inviting Viewers 

Viewers can join any room for which they have a Room Identification key. You will need to share your Room Identification key with anyone you want to see your broadcast. 

You can find your Room Identification key beneath the video screen: 

Broadcaster Tools 

As a broadcaster, you will be able to select which camera and microphone will be used for the stream from the dropdown menus at the top of the page. 

You can pause the video streaming with the Pause Video button and resume it with the Resume video button. You can mute and unmute your microphone audio with the Mute/Unmute audio button. 

You can chat with viewers in the chatbox. However, at the moment, you cannot mute or remove users from chat.  

The Handy controls are at the bottom of the page. As a broadcaster, you can control the stroke length and speed of your viewers’ Handys. By default, the Handy is off when the broadcast starts. You can start the Handy with the Start button — this will start the Handy at the lowest speed and stroke length. Use the Speed and Stroke controls to control the Handy as you desire. 

Note: If a viewer joins mid-session or if they lose synchronization due to a network issue, you can re-sync all connected Handys by clicking the Start button. 

You can end your broadcast with the End session button at the top of the page. You can always return to the same broadcast room as long as you have your room identification and authentication keys. To do this, you will need to create a new room, but instead of generating a new key, simply enter your existing key. 

Viewer Setup 

To join a room, you must have a room identification key and a connection key for your Handy. 

  1. Power on your Handy and press the Wi-Fi button 
  2. Go to the Handy MultiControl site 
  3. Click on Join Control Room 
  4. Enter a Room Identification key 
  5. You will receive this key from the broadcaster. 
  6. Enter your Handy connection key 
  7. Click Join 

Note: Your Handy needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to work with MultiControl. You can test Handy connectivity at HandyFeeling.com 

Note: The broadcaster does not have access to your Handy connection key. 

Note: You may have issues connecting to a room if you are using Handy beta firmware

Interested in knowing more and getting involved in the community? 

Join the HandyControl Discord community (for people interested in controlling Handys/seeking controllers. Professionals very welcome): https://discord.gg/w6fTR6qFv5 

Official Handy Discord server for all Handy-related developments: https://discord.com/invite/vpjhSgd 

Handy subreddit r/theHandy 

HandyControl subreddit r/HandyControl 

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