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Handy Introduction Video

Introducing Handy  – where every stroke counts. Handy is the most advanced male sex toy ever created, for guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms. Controlled by you, your partner or an adult movie. 

The Truegrip sleeve gives you a sensational feeling of pleasure. The Velcro TrueGrip band adjusts the sleeve to your size and the powerful motor takes the rest of the work out of your hand. 

The Handy focuses on three core elements: Grip, power and speed.


The TrueGrip sleeve gives a natural and stimulating experience. The well-thought-through design lets you use it with or without lube. After using the sleeve: detach it, turn it inside out and wash it. 

The soft sleeve is attached with the TrueGrip band on the front of the Handy. This innovative design is key for the one-size-fits-all solution. With the Velcro® band you adjust the size and the grip to your liking.  And if you like it tight today or soft-handed tomorrow – no problem! You can even bring your manual stroker to life by connecting it to the Handy.  


The mechanics of this no-nonsense quality tool are robust, slick, and compact. We built it with a brushless motor to give you full control of the strokes and ensure the best performance. The Handy has the most powerful motor in the market that creates powerful strokes no matter the workload. We also custom-build our mechanical parts to minimize the noise. 

With 10 built-in sensors, the Handy controls the strokes, speed, and power, precisely and safely, while you just lean back and relax. 

Our versatile mount is equipped with a universal connector so that you can always use future ad-ons regardless of the Handy version you own. 


You control your desired stroke length and speed easily with one hand. Different settings give you a pleasurable spectrum of feelings and pleasure. Choose your favorite stroke length and speed it up to 10 strokes per second. The future of pleasure is now  

The Handy is equipped with a dual-core processor with both WiFi and Bluetooth. You can use it offline or you can connect to various online services. In all connections, we use state of the art encryption for safe and anonymous use. 

Your Handy can be remotely controlled by a smartphone or computer.  Whether you’re in the same room or across the globe, your partner can control the action and you feel the thrill. 

The Handy also allows you to experience and enjoy online video synchronization: It moves to the motion of movies and you will have the most thrilling masturbation experience! Ever. 

You can even watch Virtual Reality videos synchronized with your Handy. Access new features from our ongoing development by updating the handy through a simple WiFi update. 

Customer Reviews

We are super excited that our customers enjoy our invention as much as we do. 

A higher-than-max score  

Store bestseller!  

Feels freakin’ awesome   

A sex toy like no other  

The World’s Best Masturbator!  

The Handy – You’re welcome! 

We hope you enjoyed this introduction video of the Handy. We have a German and Portuguese version coming up in the next 2 weeks!

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