Handy Interview – SexTech For Men Podcast

We were very lucky to be invited to talk to SexTech For Men in their new Podcast series!

“In this episode of the SexTech For Men Podcast I speak with Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, CEO of Sweet Tech AS, the Norwegian company that designed and developed the Handy masturbator for men. The Handy is an automated stroking device that is fairly new in the market, but has been receiving some very good press.

In our discussion, Jens talks about the origins of Handy and the research that has helped them achieve their early success in the market. We also discuss the different features of the Handy and it’s ability to function as a manual or interactive device. Jens also shares the goals that the Handy team hopes to achieve, and, spoiler alert, it’s all about SexTech for men.

It’s a bit of odd timing that my interview with Jens happened the very same week that the popular Fleshlight Launch device came back into stock. I know a lot of people were hoping they would get another chance to buy the Launch, but, with the Handy, it’s clearly a much lighter device that is easier to handle. And with the ability to function in interactive mode, I can see why many users would now choose the Handy over the Launch.

Whatever the choice might be, the good news is that we have brands like Handy that are really focused on providing more quality sextech products for men.”

Check out the full podcast here


  • Phlipy says:

    Sounds like a great device. The problem I’m having is nobody seems to make one for larger sized men. From the description, I know this device wouldn’t be able to get the job done. it would need to stroke up to 7 inches and 4 inches diameter. Do you make such a device?

    • Jens Petter Wilhelmsen says:

      Hey Phlipy,

      Our device is a one-size-fits all, meaning that you can connect a soda can to the Handy and it will do the job. Why dont you try it out and if it doesnt do the job for you, we will be able to learn in addition to the fact that you can return the product regardless of reason within 14 days:) Win-win situation!

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