Many men are mostly familiar with only one type of orgasm – the regular ejaculatory orgasm. Some probably know, but haven’t given a try, the prostate orgasm, even the pelvic orgasm (a blend of both the prostate and ejaculatory orgasms).

What about the hands-free male ejaculatory orgasm? Have you heard about it but aren’t really clear what it is all about? Just relax and read on. By the end of this article, you’ll know what a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm is and how to achieve one. 

So What Exactly Is a Hands-Free Ejaculatory Orgasm?

Like the name suggests, this type of orgasm happens when a man is stimulated to climax and he ejaculates without physical contact with a hand. 

If this comes across as tricky, you are right, it does. But with patience and practice, it is actually simple and quite achievable.     

Even though there are numerous techniques to cumming hands-free, we’ll only be looking at 2 ways to ejaculate without using hands in this article.

Hands-Free Orgasm: Switch from manual sex toys to those automatic bad boys 

Surely, this one is cheating, as you’ll still use your hands to operate the sex toys, right? Wrong. 

Several sex toys in the market now are completely hands-free and they let you penetrate and control your thrusts with a remote control (mostly a phone control). Or hand the control over to your partner who may not even be within the same physical location as you.

These automatic bad boys have it all: Power, speed, agility, as well as new thrills!

It’s a no-brainer the best male sex toys currently available look like high-tech sports cars. They do all the job for you, giving you the space and time to learn what feels amazing and what doesn’t. 

Thanks to these sex toys, hands-free prostate orgasm, and hands-free ejaculatory orgasm are now a reality for all men and not just a crazy innovator’s dream.

Second Hands-Free Ejaculation Technique: Cumming from the sheer power of your mind 

Step 1 Arousing your subconscious

This is the stage you cue up some sexy videos or porn films. Or you could just read an interesting erotic story. Whichever direction you choose, the goal is to arouse yourself to climax with the images or words.

Step 2 Take some slow deep breaths 

Concentrate fixedly on your penis as you breathe in deeply but slowly. This will make more blood flow to the pelvic region, signaling the start of your hands-free play.

 Step 3 Think very dirty thoughts

You could imagine yourself in a hot and steamy session with your sexy partner or crush. Let the images enter your mind and make you go hard without any touch from your hands.

Step 4 Flexing your Pc (Pubococcygeus) muscles

Clench your genital muscles, the muscles you use to restrain pee. Tense, hold, and release repeatedly till you get an erection and blow your load!

If you can’t get an erection and orgasm with this skill, you can achieve it by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises

Step 5 If all else fails, try using fabrics

If you still can’t ejaculate without hands using the above steps, try fabrics before you give up. While fabrics aren’t totally touchless, you can use them to prod yourself into erection and maybe an orgasm.

A satin pillowcase, soft scarf, silky panties, or sports jersey might do the trick!

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t orgasm on your first few tries. With some patience and a little practice, you maybe able to orgasm sans pornography or the use of fabrics.

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