Oh! The Good Old Lube. It’s a major lifesaver when a woman is raring to go but is feeling dry down there. Plus, lubing up your penis minimizes friction, ease penetration, and could give you some of the most intense staggering orgasms during masturbation. But what about lube substitutes?

For some men, when masturbation is on the menu and they’ve run out of lube, their recourse is to turn to DIY lube alternatives. Before going for any slippery household goo, there’s need to pause.

According to experts, even seemingly safe stand-ins could contain allergens that irritate the skin. If you want to save yourself the extra expense of always stocking up on lube, then consider getting a male stroker with sleeves that are specially designed to work with or without lube. Even though down to opinion, the pleasure you get from the two instances are the same, or at least equally satisfying.

Ahead are examples of lube substitutes that may look like good fits but you should NEVER use on your dick.  

Lube Substitutes to avoid

Petroleum Jelly

It certainly looks like a lubricant, but any petroleum-based product can cause infections. Women especially are two times more likely to get bacterial vaginosis if they’re penetrated using petroleum jelly as lube.

Also, like other lubes that have oil as their base, petroleum jelly can interfere with condoms. Latex condoms in particular are incompatible with petroleum jelly. The condom may tear or break during sex leading to STIs or unintended pregnancy.


It’s wet, it never runs out, and is easily available, so it’s not overly surprising that you may use it as a lube when you’re out of the real stuff. But doctors warned that the saliva is not sufficiently slippery to be considered an effective lubricant.

Thus, using it amounts to a waste of your saliva and time. Moreover, saliva facilitates the spread of STDs between partners just like unprotected oral sex.

Baby Oil

Not only will a baby oil squash the effectiveness of a condom, it also increases the risk of your female lover developing a yeast infection if you have the fungus.

Baby oil could also degrade the sleeves of most male strokers. So you’d do well to stay away from the oil and always keep water-based lubes available, as they won’t damage your strokers and other sex toys.  


There are several potential irritants present in lotions such as propylene glycols and perfumes. Propylene glycols are water-soluble compounds added to lotions to help them stay moist. But the catch is that the compound could cause puffiness, general irritation, and swelling down there.

Margarine and Butter

Some of you might think that this is a weird one, but you would be surprised what people try! Margarine and butter are big no-nos. Margarine is made from chemicals that shouldn’t go anywhere near your penis.

Butter is composed of casein proteins that become rancid real fast. Rotting proteins of animals and genitals are definitely not a good mix. To add to that, they’ll make your clothing, sheets, and your male stroker greasy and hard to clean up.

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