Start developing stuff to work with Handy. Check out our API V1 guide here.

Let us know what you are working on so we can guide/help you on your way. The Handy masturbator is created by a Alexander, a cybernetics engineer,with extensive experience in the field of atomization and more, and can be helpful if there is any technical hurdles along the way.

If you feel like something is missing or needs to change, API related or otherwise, let us know!

One example of a creation made specifically for our product is the fleshlight mount for the Handy. We have to include a warning. 3D printing your own parts might bring forth its own unique challenges. BUT. Don’t be discouraged by these challenges. We say: the roadblocks makes the man!! All attempts at punch lines aside, let’s be creators of our own pleasure, and be co-creators instead of observers. What do you want in a sex toy? Can you even imagine it? It’s hard isn’t it? Well, it should be!

Become part of our Handy community and show us your ideas! We are open to anything, no matter how small or large. As we have claimed before: we accommodate to all sizes!

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