YES! YES! YES! IT’S FINALLY HERE! Handy Syncs with SLR Videos!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for at Handy because of the enormous pleasure and immersive experience guaranteed to elevate our users’ masturbation sessions.

What does it mean for you? All owners of The Handy can now sync to one of the biggest Virtual Reality porn providers on this side of the universe.

Before now, Handy users could sync to a handful of videos from Handyfeeling.com. Now, they can subscribe to SexLikeReal, or SLR for short, and Handy will sync to all their movies (over 10,000 of them)!

If you have The Handy Masturbator, keep reading. So you’ll know just how much fun awaits you now that you can access unending VR porn on SLR. 

And if you don’t, still read on. See how you can benefit when 2 hi-tech players in the adult industry join forces to deliver the most interactive, high-intensity, solo-fuck experience in town. 

Handy Syncs with SexLikeReal: The Start of Your Amazing VR Sex Journey  

SexLikeReal, the #1 destination for VR entertainment, and Handy, a leading player in teledildonics, have partnered to give men the most realistic real-time virtual intercourse.

So now, men can enjoy a more sensual level of solo play where they’re able to see and feel at the same time. The milking stimulation of Handy combined with the perfect syncing to SLR videos is so real you’ll feel like you’re actually banging the onscreen pornstar.

At present, SLR has the largest Virtual Reality porn videos you can ever find on one platform. Mind you, to ensure that users ALWAYS have the latest genre of porn to watch, every month, SLR uploads hundreds of new videos to their site.

Not only that, but many of their VR videos have a better quality than most. You could see some of their porn clips’ resolution reaching as high as 5k or 6k. 

To add to their fantastic video quality, SexLikeReal goes through a lot of effort to ensure that all virtual sex clips on their site sync flawlessly with strokers. Is it any wonder we fell hard and fast (pun intended) for SLR?

Even though SexLikeReal is relatively new to the VR sex industry, their dedication to bringing porn lovers, the best virtual sex session is applaudable.

Let’s show you a glimpse of how the porn provider has some of the biggest, most interactive, and highest-resolution videos in the sex industry:

Like iTunes, SLR collects hundreds of VR sex clips from the best porn studios, both world-famous studios and small brands – the likes of VirtualRealPorn, SexBabesVR, VRBangers, JVRPorn, and others.

Before offering those clips for sale, they upgrade the lower quality clips to HD standards. That’s not all; they also ensure the scenes are upgraded to a bigger view and better alignment. 

This kind of attention to detail could contribute to why a significant amount of Pornhub’s interactive movies are from SexLikeReal.

If you think high resolution and eerily perfect syncing are the only unique propositions of SLR, you’re in for a surprise – and a pleasant one at that.

The SexLikeReal site is deliciously loaded with hundreds of porn genres, which makes finding your fetish or preferred adult action a breeze.

Are you craving for a blowjob from a Spanish babe this weekend, or do you want to anal bang a girlfriend from another continent? Could your secret fantasy be to try a threesome, or is it for a redhead mum to ride your dick? 

No problem, SLR got you covered. They got all these and a whole lot more categories of VR porn on their site.

From Japanese cosplay to voyeur, to fucking busty MILFs, to getting up close with horny lesbians, SLR got them all!

The Handy Masturbator + SLR Videos = The Most Complete & Orgasmic Virtual Sex

Now that you’ve seen how fantastic SLR videos are, do you know that VR movies alone can’t give you a satisfying masturbation experience?

Jerking off the old regular way (by hand) won’t cut it, and neither will masturbating with run-of-the-mill interactive strokers.

If you want to have the most orgasmic virtual fuck, you need a powerful and special kind of teledildonic VR sex toy. You want a masturbating machine that can sync perfectly with the SLR software. 

Let’s See How Virtual Sex Works: 

Say you’re getting fellatio from your favorite onscreen pornstar. For every lick and thrust into her mouth, a sensation is generated and transmitted to your interactive masturbator.

Good. So you’re hard fucking her trying to orgasm; however, your stroker is lagging behind, giving you the slow strokes of her earlier teasing.

Wouldn’t that feel frustrating when the hard thrusts you’re supposed to be giving the busty pornstar don’t match the movements of your stroker?

Exceptional syncing is one of the many things that make The Handy masturbating machine the best sex toy to complete a virtual sexcapade.

Mind you, the Handy does a whole lot more than just sync perfectly with VR porn videos. In different settings, it can mimic the simulations of real intercourse or a blowjob.

With thrust speed going as high as 0-10 strokes per second or an incredible 600 strokes per minute, Handy can comfortably match any hard fast fuck onscreen.

Another Handy feature we are excited to share is its skin-like sleeve, which feels very much like the real thing.

So how can you rev up your solo play? Here’s how:

How to Sync Handy With VR Porn on SexLikeReal

Please use our Affiliate link when signing up for a SLR membership https://www.sexlikereal.com/?a=5f2ab5869736fe24d6685bc2

  1. Create an SLR account.
  2. Buy scripts for any video you like. (Price varies)

[Note: it usually takes an experienced editor between 7-8 hours to create perfectly synced script.]

  1. Launch the SexLikeReal app and click through to settings. Enter your Handy security key there. 
  2. You can then open a video with a purchased script on the SLR app.


You can opt for a monthly plan, and if you don’t want that, you can choose to pay for single videos.

  • Repeat 30-day subscription:   $29.99 
  • One-time 30-day access:   $37.99
  • Annual subscription:   $239.99 [$19.99 per month]
  • Lifetime Access:   $699.99

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