As you may have noticed, HandyFeeling has gone through a dramatic makeover. It wasn’t all just about a slicker look however – read on to find out more about what’s to come.

The whole thinking behind this change was to give us the space and freedom to focus our efforts on developing the technology behind the Handy. There are many things that we want to do – from creating the best official hands-free solution possible to complimentary add-ons such as movement sensors for remote control. These and other projects have been left on the back burner for far too long because we lacked the necessary resources to get momentum – until now.

The future of Handy-compatible content 

Partnering with content providers allows us to focus our energies on creating the Handy tech because it means that we aren’t encumbered by the responsibilities of licensing content and getting it scripted. After all, we are a tech company at our heart and we simply are not big enough to be spreading ourselves across so many areas. 

Therefore we will be transitioning away from hosting experiences by ourselves and instead will be striking partnerships with a whole range of content providers. This will set the groundwork for both high-quality and diverse Handy-compatible content and more (not to mention faster!) developments in Handy hardware and software. 

What can I expect in the next few months?

We will be working with our partners to ensure that syncing quality gets up to scratch. Right now, we are talking to test groups of users together with the site owners to make sure that the user experience keeps on improving. Whilst we are in this transition period over the next 6 months, there will still be free content available on HandyFeeling under the Connect My Handy site, where you can preview content from our partners together with syncing capabilities for free. The plan is to eventually have 300 free videos of different genres available there. Alongside this, we want to widen the scope of Handy-compatible content, so partnering with different content providers (including VR and gaming) will be key to this.  

We really appreciate your patience and trust in us whilst we make these changes. As with everything in the Handyverse, the current form of HandyFeeling is a foundation for a work in progress and the plan is to keep improving things as we evolve, with plenty of help from the users. We will likely be looking into a more efficient way of gathering feedback soon, but for now, we have a channel on our official Discord server called #website-feedback to send your suggestions and feedback, which are much welcomed:

Thanks again and here’s to the next chapter in Handy history!


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