Is sex robots the future of self-play? And what is digisexuality?

A new wave of sexual revolution is here and sex is fast changing its status quo. Technological advancement is transforming how people identify themselves sexually and how they relate in intimate relationships. As a result, robots and virtual reality is being repurposed to satisfy our changing sexual needs.

You can find simple vibrators and male strokers that connects to online services, or you can go for advanced robot sex dolls powered by Al. And that is only the beginning. It all falls under the field of digisexuality, a term that describes the sexual interactions of humans with technology.

Defining Digisexuality

To explain what digisexuality is all about, let’s divide it into two parts. First we have the “first-wave sexual technologies”. These are technologies that people use to communicate with prospective or current partners.

A digisexuality researcher and philosophy professor at Manitoba University, Neil McArthur, described digisexuality as a term which includes also sexting, online porn, and dating apps such as Tinder.

Then we have the second definition which describes individuals who define themselves as “digisexuals. A digisexual is someone who prefer virtual reality, sex robots, and high-tech sex toys, referred to as teledildonics, to real human partners. The “second-wave sexual technologies” who inspire digisexuals are the likes of sex robots, virtual reality characters and high-tech sex toys.

Remind you, many enjoy some or even all of these without defining themselves as a digisexual. It is the high preference to that over real human partners that defines the term.

Digisexuality online

VR is one extreme which is progressing swiftly. The virtual world has gone beyond just watching pornography. Ans you can now immerse yourself in a world both controlled completely by you or even a third party. You can be whoever you want to be, or you can do whoever you want to do.

Immersive multi-player environments and virtual videos are already on the market. And they deliver incredibly sexual experiences that could be even more intense than reality.

Immersive Experiences of the VR World

According to VR researcher, Dr. Sylvia Xueni Pan, VR technology is so immersive because it creates a plausibility and placement illusion in the human brain.  

Due to 3D stereo display, and its full field of view coupled with real-time positioning, the viewer’s brain is made to perceive illusion as reality.

According to Dr. Pan, “If situations and events that happen in VR actually correlate to your actions and relate personally to you, then you react towards these events as if they were real.”

In its simplest form, substituting a human partner with a virtual replacement is the core of what digisexuality is all about.

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