There are many concerns on security when connecting a sex toy to Wi/Fi. We are taking your security and privacy concerns very seriously and strive to ensure that services are not offered unless we are confident that it is safe. In this blog post we will try to tell you what we do to keep your security and privacy intact with the Handy. 

To answer your main question first; can Handy be hacked? Our answer is yes. If I told you anything else, I would lie. Everything connected to the internet can be hacked. That means your smartphone, MAC, your Wi-Fi enabled washing machine, doorbell, coffee maker and the Handy are all a security concern. What you can do is to make sure that the vendors of your IoT devices take the treats seriously.  

Our engineering team has background from making remote controlled weapons (over internet as well, yes, they exist…) and crypto currency. This experience ensures that privacy and security are highly prioritised into our product development.  

What we do to keep your Handy secure: 

Default off 

Wi-Fi (and BLE) is default off on Handy After powering your Handy, Wi-Fi is disabled. You must enable the Wi-Fi with a press on the connection button in order to get connected. You do not need to be connected to enjoy Handy, but it is good to connect in order to have the latest firmware installed. Adjust the speed, stroke and grip to your liking and experience the pleasure in a complete offline environment. If it is not connected it cannot be hacked! 

Mostly offline 

This one is not something that we can take credit for. Unlike most other IoT devices Handy is only online when you use the online services. Most of the time it is unpowered in some drawer, making it a poor hacking target. 

Intermediate servers 

Your Handy is connected to our servers. If you try to connect through a 3-party site they will connect to our servers as well, not directly to your Handy. Our servers will act as an intermediate and relay all information back and forward. This way there is an extra layer of protection for your Handy. 

Continues upgrades 

Handy can be updated remotely and we will continuously work with the firmware to keeping your machine secure from all the threats out there. You must update your Handy to use the remote services. 


We are far from perfect! Do you find any security holes we will reward you with a bounty. The bounty size varies upon the seriousness of the security hole. 

Auto generated keys 

Some hate the weird auto generated connection keys, but they are there to keep you safe! The keys are case sensitive, so you must type in the key exactly as it is. You can generate a new key whenever you want to render your old key useless. You can choose the length of your password yourself, but we recommend a length of at least 8 characters. Then there is 1:281474976710656 possibility that someone guesses your key.  

Encrypted data 

The data between your Handy and our services are crypted with encryption develop by the NSA. 

What we do to preserve your privacy: 

No databases 

Our servers, handling the remote control of Handy, does not have any databases. No aggregated data, no profile, no nothing. Our servers are part of our patent pending solution and they are only there to give you a smooth, secure and private online session. 


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