The Handy Pre-Order campaign is starting! You can get your own Handy with a 98$ discount, and April shipping! The new batch is going to reach your door, ready to be used.

The Handy takes masturbation to a whole new level, giving authentic and incomparable sensations.

It’s like nothing you tried before! Well, unless you already have a Handy on hand. Our innovative sex toy takes everything a step forward. You don’t have to worry about it being rough to your skin, and cleaning it will no longer be a problem!

The speed can be adjusted, giving you up to 10 strokes per second, making it faster, and more enjoyable than any other toy, or hand! You can decide the stroke length as well, anywhere between 0 and 3.4 inches, for a full customization.

We know people are different, and we embrace it. This is why we created a versatile male sex toy for you to enjoy! Synchronize it with your favorite adult movies, or let your partner take the lead for extra kinkiness!

Designed and created by Norwegian engineers, it is guaranteed to bring you those feelings you needed from a sex toy. It was the best course of action, as right now, men don’t have a large variety of toys to satisfy their desires. For that, the Handy is here to save the situation!

Pre-Order Your Handy

Now it’s your turn to shine. You can get the Handy for only 149$, giving you a huge discount! We are only giving 500 units for that price, so you need to be quick about it, and get yours now!

We will be shipping the discounted Pre-Order units starting with April, and the wait is totally worth it. In the time of need, we are pushing our limits to ensure that everyone can try the Handy.

By choosing the April delivery you can benefit from other discounted items and accessories, such as extra TrueGrip Sleeves and Bands, lube samples and free express delivery.

The wait is definitely worth it, and we know it. Managing to deliver the best products, for the best men out there.

Play with it as it is, or even automate your favorite stroker! Everything is possible and innovation always has a word in this!

We understand the situation is not exactly amazing in the world right now, but there’s always the opportunity to enjoy ourselves in the wait. Discover new things, begin new habits and routines and of course, learn what we love to do for ourselves.

Go ahead and order the amazing Handy and see for yourself that there is something for everybody in this world!

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