The taboo is no secret. Male sex toys are still the subject of many discussions. Everyone is acting like they are not supposed to exist, yet no one has a problem with women’s sex toys.

Now, here is what we couldn’t understand. Why is it ok for a woman to openly buy a sex toy, but not for a man? This is what we are going to break today.

Sex toys have been around for thousands of years when people didn’t identify as straight, bi or gay. They used to do whatever they felt was right. Both men and women used everything they had at their disposal in order to improve their sex lives.

Most of the time, men are portrayed as sex-crazed, and some refuse to believe that we can use sex toys without it meaning something bad or somewhat perverted. The same people, see women as empowered and independent if they choose to buy a vibrator and do the job themselves. According to Adam Lewis in an interview for Vice.com, “Jacking off with a squishy, floppity tube is healthy and normal—just like using a vibrator… Just make sure ya rinse it out afterward!”

Where Does the Stigma Come From?

Technically speaking, there shouldn’t be any problem with men using sex toys. It’s been proven over and over again that they can definitely improve a persons sex life. 

Practically speaking, it’s not like men have a lot of options when it comes to this. Be it a cock ring, inflatable doll or Fleshlight, chances are we will try to make the most of it.

One of the problems we encounter is marketing itself. Sometimes toys such as fleshlights are marketed to help us last longer in the bedroom, dragging a whole cloud of stigma with it. Although not untrue, this mentality brings everyone to believe that that’s their only purpose, which is not true.

Just like women, men must discover themselves. We must discover what and how we like it. This is where some aspects of our lives need to separate.

People need to understand that sexuality is not taboo. It’s been experienced for thousands of years, and still, nowadays we have problems with men using sex toys, people having different sexual preferences and masturbation.

In an interview for Dazed, Joseph said that one of the reasons male sex toys are considered taboo, is because there is not enough visibility for them in pop culture. “TV shows like Sex and the City have helped towards breaking down the taboo around women using sex toys – just think about the popularity of the Rampant Rabbit. We haven’t had that watershed moment yet for men in popular culture.”

Taboo: Sex Toys Are For Everyone

And the reasons definitely continue. Men are not known to openly discuss such topics with their friends as women do, which may definitely be affecting this image. Some people believe that only gay men would be involved in experiencing with sex toys, but that stigma shouldn’t exist.

We live in a free and constantly evolving world. It is definitely not fair to assume that only women should be entitled to use sex toys. Everyone should be able to experience their sexuality and find out what makes them happy!

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