Have you not had any luck finding male sex toys online?

While laughing off embarrassing Dildo situations or gifting each other cute, glowing G-spot stimulators is common among women, we men tend to fringe the mention of penis-focused toys. On the other hand, it is also true that more men are taking up sex toys for the sake of better erections and overly satisfying orgasms. 

Whether you are looking to add some new, sexy vibe to your solo play or shake things up in the bedroom with your partner, getting the best male sex toys is paramount. On the flip side, most online stores are rife with fake, wishy-washy male sex toys and most men end up disappointed.  

So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Gay or straight, here are a few tips on how to find the best male sex toys online.

Surf the Internet for Ratings and Reviews.

If you are a stranger to the sex toys domain, getting your money’s worth can be daunting. One of the best ways of assessing the quality of sex toys is by reading tons of reviews on places like Amazon and youtube. Even though we have some fake, paid reviews online, you will come across some real tangible ones if you dig deep enough.

Amazon is the biggest culprit when it comes to selling dysfunctional and fake male sex toys. You can learn from other people’s mistakes by completely disregarding toys with unimpressive ratings. 

Join Reddit and Quora conversation threads.

Sparking a sex-toy focused talk among male peers is a no go zone for most men. For this reason, taking all your sex-related questions to a forum that permits freedom and anonymity is a prolific choice. Platforms such as Quora and Reddit tend to have threads promoted by inquisitive men seeking advice on matters that would be regarded as ‘taboo’ in normal life settings.

Whether you are a first-time male sex toy user or a master at your art, you can always take notes and seek navigational advice online. The best part is that no one shies away online. Whether you enjoy personal anal stimulation or you love getting kinky with different vibration models, these platforms can offer some exclusive tips for finding male sex toys online.

You will eventually learn that more men love cock rings, and your fetish for teasing butt plugs is nothing to feel squeamish about.

Check For the Best Features

Typically, male penises differ in shape and size. Also, different toys work differently depending on personal preferences and sexual fantasies. If you know your body well enough, then you should know the top features to look for in a sexual product.

The best male sex toys should be the right size, with a design and texture that most appeals to you. Whether you are turned on by vaginal penetration, blowjobs or anal sex, ensure you get features such as ergonomics in your toy.

Go for terrific power, easily adjustable strokes, easy portability and befitting lube-options. Also, buying a one-size-fit-all sex toy like this one, will help you attain intense sexual sensations without compromising your comfortability and most importantly, your health.

While masturbation can be a source of intense pleasure for men, spending money on feeble products is a waste. The tips above can help you choose the right stokers, in addition to saving you valuable time and money.

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