Hey all!

It has been a while since last update and we are sorry for this. The last months have been pretty hectic and the response on the Handy has been significant! We will try to post more blogposts going forward to update you all on the things that are happening! To kick the new year off we managed to sneak in a Handy to Norway’s biggest podcast “Friminutt” with the hosts Herman and Mikkel. We sent the guys a Handy and Herman tried it out. Herman, one of Norway’s most famous comedian, was amazed and calls it a tool for the future!

The podcast is in Norwegian and you can check it out here:


He basically describes it as a Milking machine and informs us that he has used it 4 times already! They’re pretty excited about the product and the fact that you don’t have to do anything yourself and lean back to enjoy the session with 10 strokes per second. Herman is just amazed, thanks us for the gift and is impressed that it is Norwegian design.

We think this is pretty hilarious and will keep up with stunts and news to get the Handy to the people!

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