Handy + CzechVR Interactive Guide


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The Handy interactive feature works with any CzechVR video that has the Interactive tag.

These videos can be interactively experienced directly in a VR-capable web browser such as the native web browser of the Oculus Quest 2 without any need to pre-download a video or script.

To use the Handy Interactive feature first choose an interactive video.

  • Ensure that your handy is on and connected to wi-fi. If this is the first time setting up your Handy consult The Handy wi-fi setup guide
  • Click the Handy tag
    below the video to enter interactive mode.
  • Enter the connection key of your Handy into the connection key field and click CONNECT.
  • You will see a spinning icon as The Handy connects and prepares the synchronization. Please wait until The Handy connection is complete. The message “HANDY CONNECTED” will appear above the video.
  • You can now play the video as normal or Enter VR via the button
    on the player interface. You will experience the movement on your Handy in perfect sync with the action on the video.


  • If the connection failed with the message HANDY IS NOT CONNECTED! you can click on RECONNECT TO HANDY. Ensure that your connection key is correct and re-enter it into the connection key field. For more help see Find Connection Key
  • If the video for some reason feels highly out of sync with your Handy. Briefly pause (⏸︎) then play (⏵︎) the video to resynchronize the handy to the video.

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