Have you ever considered combining one or more sex toys with Handy? If you have – that’s the spirit! If not, let’s get creative and see where it takes us.

A new realm of indescribable pleasure with a galore of amazing experiences awaits you. From strokers whose feel and grip is like that of a real pussy, to teledildonic sex toys that let your favorite smoking hot pornstar stroke you to orgasm. Man, you’re in for a real treat!

Do you fall within the category of men whose sex toys have seen a hundred use or more? And you are looking for new ways to amp their pleasure? Well, there’s still much more to do.

Consider this: If 1 sex toy is pretty amazing, then how about combining 2 at a go? You guessed right. The experience will be right out of this world!

There are many combinations to speak of – so we have decided to make this a series. Sit tight and keep reading to learn how to combine your Handy with a prostate massager.

Concentrate Your Pleasure with a Prostate Massager

The first tip you need to know straight off about mixing and matching sex toys is where to concentrate your pleasure. It may come as a surprise to some that there are other ways a man can enjoy orgasmic pleasures apart from direct penile stimulation.

There’s another way you can climax which is through prostate massage. Located inside your butthole on the frontal wall of the rectum, your prostate gland can be stimulated directly through the anus. You can also massage it indirectly via your perineum (the area between your anus and genitals).

When the perineum is massaged at the same time the penis is being worked up, it can lead to a one of a kind giant “Big O”. Aside from electrifying orgasms, there are certain health benefits associated with prostate massage that might make you want to give it a try.

Usually, the go-to titillation tool for many men’s penile pleasures is always their own hands. However, sex toy technology is now at a point where you can get a more natural feel and explosive experience than any hands could possibly provide.

Locate Your Prostate

Before you start, first locate the prostate – preferably with a clean finger. Use your finger to apply lube generously around the anus.

Next slide your penis into the Handy masturbator, adjust all relevant settings, and turn it on. Stroke your dick till it is semi-erect or erect, and stop or reduce the massage speed. 

Insert your clean prostate massager and look for a round lump approximately 4” inside your rectum and slightly up towards the base of the penis. This is the prostate is located.

Start your Handy masturbator again at a speed that will be at sync with your prostate massager. Keep masturbating until you reach orgasm.

Combine Your Handy with ANY Stroker

NB! The Handy masturbator is designed to fit with most male sex toys out there. The adjustable velcro strap makes it very easy to attach any manual stroker and transform it with the real power of the Handy machine.

We are very interested in hearing about your experiences combining Handy with other sex toys. Join our subreddit and let us know so that we can share your ideas with the world!

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