Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what you need when choosing sex toys for men, or what you like!

Choosing sex toys is important, as it can be an important part of your sex life. Whether you want to use it with your partner or alone, chances are there is a specific one that makes you feel the way you want.

Every toy has its specifics, every toy can be used in a different way. Some have medical purposes, others just make you feel good. 

When you choose your sex toy, you need to take some aspects into consideration. Maybe you want to use it with a partner, maybe you want it to have a certain shape or color.

Thankfully, there are many options, so everyone can pick their favorite. You need to think about the materials, vibration styles, purpose, and even the color. It’s important that whatever you choose makes you feel comfortable and ready to explore everything!

How To Choose Sex Toys For Men

For starters, you will need to think about the different types there are. We have a whole other article about that, if you are interested in deep-diving further.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects we should consider when choosing a sex toy.


Think about the different types of sex toys and decide if you want vibrations, if you want a certain texture, and most importantly, will it make you come? Some of the most complex ones will give you more pleasure than others. Some cock rings, sex dolls, and masturbators can have vibrations, but not everyone will like the same thing.


Cleaning your toy is going to make future experiences as pleasant as the last. There are special solutions you can use, but some toys are harder to clean. In terms of cock rings or sleeves, cleaning can be very easy, but when it comes to fleshlights or dolls, the situation may change a little. 

You need to think these aspects through before buying something. The more innovative masturbation devices are made so that you won’t have to stress about cleaning them, while also offering you the highest levels of pleasure.


Another thing you should look out for – it’s important that the ones you choose are soft, or at least feels the way you prefer. Some of them may not feel great on the skin, pulling or scratching because of the wrong fit and materials. 

The plastic or silicone used should be soft and a perfect fit for you.  

Making a choice like this is never easy, but knowing what you should look out for will greatly help you choose the perfect toy. There is a whole market out there and you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way of experiencing everything to the maximum!

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