The big problem of the small aggressions

In the latest instalment of our mini series on inclusivity in the workplace, our Head of HR and Compliance Isabel Ros Ruiz writes about the microagressions that minorities face at work every day – and what can be done to help.

There are two simple goals in a diverse and inclusive workplace: to hire diversely and objectively and to retain LBTQIA+ and minority employees by creating an inclusive, fair, and comfortable environment.  

In hiring processes, we tend to think that biases or prejudices start playing a role as soon as we read an application or decide what candidates to meet. In fact, bias starts before: the wording of the job ad and where it is posted might bias the candidate pool. Research has shown that the language of the job ad can be feminine-coded or masculine-coded; however, while men will apply to jobs that are masculine and feminine-coded at the same rate, women are less likely to apply to masculine-coded job ads.   

The language and the publishing platform also affect your candidate pool: if you want a more diverse pool that includes minorities (especially ethnic minorities and immigrants), international platforms like LinkedIn are much more likely to attract a diverse pool than regional job websites like XING in Germany or Finn in Norway.   

At Sweet Tech, we anonymize all candidate applications. We also send — again anonymously — a survey to all candidates, which allows us to get data on the diversity of our applicants. We check our ads to ensure they are neutral and feminine-coded, and of course that they are open to applicants all over the world.   

Getting the candidate through the door is just the first step. A diverse and inclusive workplace is only possible as long as everybody feels they belong, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other personal trait.   

Many companies try to address inclusivity with grand gestures: diversity committees, projects, sensitivity courses, or donations to NGOs. While these measures are needed and effective, they fail to address the day-to-day inequality minorities suffer. That is, they fail to address the microaggressions.   

When we speak about microaggressions, we refer to brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative attitudes toward stigmatized or culturally marginalized groups1. These microaggressions create a hostile climate and exhaust those minorities emotionally and socially – efforts to fight against these microaggressions are usually met with disparaging comments, such as “it’s just a joke” or “don’t be that sensitive”.   

Examples of these microaggressions are common. For example, referring to something negative as “gay” or making generalizations about a certain group of people – such as expecting a gay employee to like fashion or thinking that another employee cannot be lesbian because her appearance is feminine. Transgender people often face invasive, unwarranted questions regarding their bodies and their sexuality, such as whether they have undergone sex reassignment surgery. Even when not directed to a specific individual, these microaggressions can create an environment that is unwelcoming to people who belong to a minority.   

At Sweet Tech, we try to be mindful of the impact our words and actions have on others and thus we try to be inclusive in our language and communication. For instance, The Handy is not a “sex toy for men”, but rather a penis-oriented sex device, or an automatic penis stroker. If it works the same regardless of the gender of the person to whom the penis is attached, why should we exclude women or other people with penises?  

Changing the way we talk and relate to others is difficult, but it is extremely impactful. It is also something each of us can do – this effort isn’t limited only to those sitting on a diversity committee or to human resources professionals. Each and every employee can participate – and relate to – a common effort to make the company a better place for everybody.   

A rainbow logo isn’t enough


It is Pride month.

The month when companies add a rainbow to their logos, pat the LGBTQIA+ employee on the back and write something supportive on LinkedIn.

Yet the discrimination of LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace is still appalling. In the US, more than half LGBTQIA+ employees believe their identity has harmed their career prospects, with only 14% of them feeling supported at work.

For us women, not only sexual orientation but also gender plays a discriminating role: according to McKinsey US, only 0.6% of LGBTQIA+ women are in high management positions (senior VP/C-suite), as opposed to 2.9% of men. And this is despite there being more women (5,1%) identifying as LGBTQIA+ than men (3.9%). This underrepresentation starts from the very beginning: LGBTQIA+ women are 2.3% of entry-level employees, but only 1.6% of managers.

Of those, bisexual women report the highest level of microaggressions, such as demeaning remarks, sexual harassment, and sexist comments or jokes.

Trans people face great barriers to advancement in the workplace, or even finding a job. 65% of trans people believe it is necessary to hide their identity at work, a sharp rise from just over a half 5 years ago. They are way more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, or suffer poverty. Trans people also face discrimination inside by Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists and others in the feminist movement and the LGBTQIA+ community itself, making it even more difficult for them to find allies and people of trust in their workplace and community.

It would be naïve to think that, whatever discrimination an LGBTQIA+ person is facing, they could report it to their company’s HR or their countries relevant authorities. In fact, not only is discrimination difficult to prove but also not all developed countries provide sufficient protection against discrimination. In the USA, firing an employee for being LGBTQIA+ only became illegal last year, after a federal court ruling. Yet it is still possible to fire employees for being LGBTQIA+ in some states if the company is less than 15 employees large.

Having read until here, or if you were to ask any LGBTQIA+ employee, I am fairly sure most of us will tell you that a rainbow logo and a statement in social media is not enough. It is nice, yes, but it is not diversity: it is marketing.

As a bisexual woman, I can relate to all those who feel safer by hiding their identity at work. Girlfriends had to become “friends” or “roommates”. Company parties had to be attended alone. There was always some excuse and vagueness to what, where, or with whom I spent holidays or weekends, lest somebody realized about my “secret”.

In leadership roles, I have worked in other places where being out was acceptable, as long as I was not “too out”. Any form of activism, such as advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights at work, or participating in the Pride parade, have been discouraged actively or passively by my managers and leadership. I have been told that, as an HR manager or leader, I should be “impartial” and understand and spare the feelings of those people with conservative (i.e., discriminatory) ideas about non-heterosexual or non-cisgender people. I have been, in short, requested to agree to disagree with those who negate my very self.

In a heteronormative world, microaggressions are commonplace, and many times unintended. Examples are easy to come by: asking if I mean my partner is my “girlfriend” or my “girl-friend” or asking whether I am “now gay” or “now straight” depending on the gender of my current partner. I have been instructed not to appear as being too close with male colleagues as it “could give the wrong impression”, when in fact my main interest lies in women. In the end, it feels that your day-to-day will be easier if you hide who you are, instead of giving rather personal explanations all the time.

Experiences like mine and the data mentioned above show us that these gestures of support are not much more than that, gestures, and that there is still a lot to be done. Let’s make June not the month of the “rainbow logo”, but the month where we take a conscious, committed approach to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the workplace. We can do this by reviewing our diversity policies and our hiring practices, asking our LGBTQIA+ employees what can we do better, volunteering or donating to ONGs. But above all, we can use June to reflect on our own biases and behaviors, and asking ourselves what we can individually do for a better, more inclusive workplace.

The Handy Masturbator: The Best Automatic Hands-Free Stroker?

What a perfect time to get the sex toy of your dreams!

All thanks to the sextech revolution that has brought about a great many options into the sex toy industry. From sex toys specially designed for trans men to toys that would make a geek tremble in anticipation – the wide variety of options available makes it possible for everyone to find their perfect fit.

Gone are the yesteryears when the choices for men are run-of-the-mill solo strokers. Today, the materials and designs of male sex toys are eerily close to the real thing that you may never want to seek a human lover again.

OK, just kidding. So do you want a sex toy that feels extremely realistic, or something slightly intense? Or maybe, you want to heat up your masturbation session with a high-tech masturbator that syncs with the porn of your choice.

Don’t let previous experiences with pocket pussies deter you. Ahead is a useful guide to the best wireless masturbating machine in the world.

Whose powerful suction will milk your dick like your life depended on it. And the unbelievable thrust speed of 10 strokes per second will service your penis like no other stoker you’ve ever known.

The Handy Masturbator

Many male strokers rely wholly on manual operation. By this, we mean it is up to users to move the masturbator up and down all by themselves.

With hands-free masturbators, you can afford to be lazy because the device does all the “hard labor” of stroking for you. Of all the other masturbation machines available, Handy offers the most amazing experience with its thrusting speed of 0-10 strokes per second and powerful suction cup.

That’s not all, this automatic high-tech sex toy is built with an 11cm stroke length guaranteed to service all your sweet spots. It has a soft but firm sleeve that will make your shaft thinks it’s inside a real vagina. The interior of the medical-grade sleeve has a ribbed texture to give you extra stimulation.

Though the Handy may be relatively new in the market, it has set the pace for other strokers since it was launched. Unlike many other strokers, it has a clear detachable sleeve that is built in such a way that makes cleanup a breeze.

To cap it off, you can sync your Handy with a smartphone and your partner or favorite pornstar can control your pleasure from wherever they are.


Pros and Cons


  • Body-safe materials
  • High adjustable speed
  • Elegant and comes in a discreet packaging
  • Soft replaceable sleeve
  • Super-tight adjustable grip
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be synced with adult movies at
  • Can give you up to 600 strokes per minute. The only stroker in the market with such a powerful thrust speed.
  • Rechargeable
  • Long-distance control through Bluetooth



  • Quite pricey: Seeing all the powerful features packed into the device, the price shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

And compared to other high-end strokers, Handy is fairly cheap, as the makers want every adult male to be able to afford one.

  • No vibrations yet
  • Only one sleeve available for now and it’s a tested and confirmed one-size-fit-all sleeve.


How to Connect Handy to WiFi

The Handy has a dual-core processor with both WiFi and Bluetooth. It is possible to use the Handy offline if you don’t have the Internet connection. Basically, the masturbator’s main performance is offline.

However, the Handy is able to connect to different online services safely and anonymously. That’s where you need the Internet connection. WiFi will also help you update the firmware of the Handy if you would like to improve your sex machine when new firmware is released. This allows the Handy to be constantly improved and new services to develop.

For example, the Handy has a remote-control function in BETA, which gives its users an opportunity to control the Handy and sync with video on your smartphone, computer or a tablet. The Handy can be controlled by your partner no matter where they are. And the video synchronization of the device offers  the most immersive adult movie experience ever.

As we can see, a built in Wi-Fi opens a number of possibilities for Handy users and makes their masturbation process even more pleasurable. Let’s see how to set up WiFi connection on your Handy to enjoy all the above described features.

The first thing to do is to power the Handy. Then you need to press the Wi-Fi button on the control panel. Hold the button until the indicator LED quickly flashes blue and dark blue. This will show you that the Handy is in setup mode.

The next step is to go to Wi-Fi settings on your Wi-Fi enabled device. It can be a PC, MAC, iPhone, or Android. Now you have to connect to the Handy setup Wi-Fi network. By doing so, you will be directly connected to your Handy. The setup will start automatically.

The Handy setup will allow you to configure Wi-Fi, see and change your Connection Key, update the Handy and do some other settings as well.

So, you have to choose the Wi-Fi that you want your Handy to connect to and enter the Wi-Fi’s password. Just press connect and your device will connect to the chosen network after restarting. The indicator LED will slowly flash blue and green.

You may choose to update the Handy. It won’t take more than 5 min. When the update is finished the LED indicator flashes yellow and green. Just press any button to reset the Handy.

Now you are ready to use online services of the Handy. Just press the WiFi button once. Do not hold it unless you want the device to enter setup mode and change the network.

If you can’t connect to your WiFi, here are the LED indicator codes that inform you about the possible error:

  • Yellow and White flashes indicate the ongoing update. Just wait 1-5 minutes.
  • Yellow and Red slow flashes show that the update failed and you have to try again. If it doesn’t help, contact support.
  • Blue and White fast flashes show that the Handy is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Blue and Red fast flashes inform you that the WiFi connection has failed. Unplug Handy and try Wi-Fi setup again. If it doesn’t help, contact support.


The Handy Functions

Sex toy industry is being constantly developed. The Handy masturbator is a perfect example of the most advanced and effective male sax toy ever existed. The Handy has a number of functions that can make your masturbation delightful and give you multiple orgasms.

The Handy is a masturbator with a sleeve. It may not seem a brand new invention, but there is something special about it. The sleeve is on the outside of the device, held by the bracelet. It makes the handy really adjustable no matter what penis size you have. It’s a great advantage, as many people have difficulty finding a sex toy that fits them.

The Handy is mains-operated. All you have to do is to plug the power supply unit into a socket and the other part into the Handy. The device has a quiet and powerful brushless motor to meet power and control requirements. It makes the Handy light and comfortable to use, so it never runs out of power at a most inappropriate time.

The Handy masturbator allows you to choose the stroke length, speed and the grip to have different experience with the device. The Handy has a variable stroke length of 4.5″ (11cm) and is capable of performing 10 strokes per second at max speed.

However, the Handy doesn’t only have a dual processor, a brushless motor, and is universally suitable for penises of all shapes and sizes. The Handy is a smart masturbator. It has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that open a great number of possibilities. Handy can be updated through the Internet, and it is being continuously developed and improved.

It is possible to connect your Handy to a smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows you or your partner to control the machine remotely. It is really convenient.

Using the Handy you may give pleasure to your partner even when you are away. Which makes the Handy a sex machine that can help in the relationships, but not the one used only for self-satisfaction.  Giving control of the Handy to your partner, you receive a remote blowjob or handjob, isn’t it awesome?

Well, there is more. When you connect the Handy to your smartphone, it can also synchronize with the movement sensors on your phone. So the masturbator reacts to that as well. All you have to do is connect your Handy to your phone and switch on motion control. Move your phone up and down to start stroking the Handy. If you shake your phone faster, your Handy strokes faster. If you make short, rapid shakes, the Handy makes short, rapid strokes. As easy as it appears.

If you raise your phone a bit higher, still making short, rapid shakes, the Handy responds by moving higher and making short, rapid strokes that focus on the head of the penis. Even when you make pause to change arms, for example, the Handy will make a short pause as well.

The Handy also has a video synchronization for your favorite adult movies. It is compatible with different services as Google Home, Video Sync, remote control and VR. So, handy can literally be called a sex machine of the future.

Online experience for Handy

Have you ever dreamed about taking part in the adult movie? Do you want your favorite porn star do you a blowjob? Or you have a long distance relationship, but you want to have sex with your partner? The Handy masturbator and website can easily make it possible.

Apart from being an effective and reliable masturbator as it is, the Handy team now offers you an opportunity to synchronize the videos with the device.  The synchronized and matching movements of the porn films and the Handy bring some new pleasure to your masturbation.

The Handy masturbator can perfectly be used offline and still be the best masturbation machine, but it has online benefits too. HandyFeeling will introduce you to the online experiences that you haven’t had with any other sex toy. It will help you get the most out of your Handy.

HandyFeeling offer a number of interactive videos to synchronize your Handy with. It allows you not only enjoy the scene but also the repeated actions from the screen made by the masturbator. You can fully immerse into the movie and feel special as if taking part in it.

HandyFeeling gives you access to videos of different categories, including the videos for VR, HD videos and POV. What do you like the most: a handjob, blowjob or titjob? Here you can find all kind of interactive videos that won’t leave you cold.

It is also possible to control your Handy remotely with the help of HandyFeeling. It is really convenient if you want to control it yourself. And it is possible to give a full control of your Handy to your partner as well. Here you will have a power button and a cross that allows you to control the range of motion and the speed. You can also see a LED indicator too.

Moreover, HandyFeeling allow you to use local videos from your device or found online. When you select a script “.csv” on it is uploaded to the servers and pushed to your Handy device. The script is stored and can be used by others. But don’t worry, no personal data are stored.

The Handy and HandyFeeling are being constantly developed, new videos and features are added and those technologies revolution the sex toy industry.

How to Combine Handy With Cock Rings for Rock Hard Erections and Powerful Orgasms (Part 1)


The Handy masturbator is a powerful high-tech male stroker with an incredible 0-10 strokes per second. What this means is that when masturbating with it, you get a mind-numbing 10 thrusts per second or 600 thrusts within a minute. The first of its kind in the market!

If you want to go slower, no problem, all the features are not static. You can easily customize thrust speed, grip, and stroke length to your liking.

In this article, we will be talking about how to combine The Handy masturbator with a cock ring. If you are asking why, this is the reason:

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, or other forms of sexual insecurities. This makes it hard for them to get a firm erection, orgasm, and overall, they are unable to attain sexual pleasure.

As a result of this, some of these men with ED or other sexual dysfunctions turn to cock rings to improve their erections and pleasure. Others who can get it up fully, but simply want to achieve thicker and harder erections during masturbation or sex also use the ring.

So whether you have ED or not, you can expect this outcome when masturbating with both Handy and cock rings:

The harder erection and sometimes-prolonged orgasm cock ring gives, combined with the super-tight grip, pussy-like cup, and thrusts of Handy will give an explosive finish – you’ll want to relive and repeat over and over again.

Before going over how to use the C-ring with handy in the second series of this article, let’s see how safe the device is, the different types available, and how it works.


Are Cock Rings Safe?

They can be if you exercise these simple precautions:

Yes, cock rings ought to fit snugly to be effective, but not tight enough to cause pain, bite into the skin or cause discoloration of your flesh. Get your correct size, don’t force your penis into a ring that is far smaller than you.

C-ring should not be worn for more than 20-30 minutes. Your penis has to breathe, if it stays longer, you risk causing damage to your penile tissues.

It’s wise to shave the pubic hair before wearing the device to avoid unwanted pain when hair is mistakenly pulled when strapping on the ring.


4 Types of Cock Rings   

Also known as pleasure ring, erection ring or cock ring, this magical little toy can be a:

  1. Stretchy ring made from soft silicone
  2. Solid steel ring
  3. Vibrating ring or
  4. Adjustable leather with Velcro or snap closure.


How Does a Cock Ring Work?

When you wear a cock ring at the restricts blood flow out of your shaft. Since the blood is trapped inside the penis, this keeps the penis engorged, giving you a harder and bigger erection.

Additionally, when you encircle the base of your shaft and scrotum with a cock ring, it’ll place pressure on your perineum, the area between your asshole and balls. This on its own is pleasurable.

If perchance, the pressure extends to the vas deferens that takes sperm to the shaft, it’ll help delay ejaculation. This will give you a longer thrust time with your Handy and that creates a phenomenal buildup to a fiery climax.

3 Stimulating Ways of Masturbating With Handy and Cock Rings (Part 2)

When you want to masturbate with both Handy masturbator and C-rings, you wear the rings first before moving on to Handy.

If you’re a newbie to using penis rings, start with the adjustable ring with the Velcro or snap fastener. That way, if you’re feeling any form of discomfort, it is easier to pull off the ring even when you’re aroused.

You can also use the stretchable silicon ring, but the drawback is it may not be as tight as you want it. And it may take a little bit of effort to get it off your penis when the organ is fully gung ho.

Remember to use some water-based lube as it heightens the sensations. And if you’re using a stretchy ring, lube makes it easier to slide the ring on and off your penis.

Lastly, don’t forget to trim down there to avoid the ring painfully ripping off any pubic hair.

#1    Wear the Cock Ring the Classic Way

While your shaft is soft, lift it up in one hand, hold the penis ring in place at the base of your balls. Release your penis and fasten the closing with your free hand.

Check to see the ring isn’t too tight and is not pinching anything, then position the closing where it feels comfortable.

Once you’ve put on the cock ring, get your Handy from beside you. Slide your dick into the sleeve, set the tightness, thrust speed, and stroke length to how you want it and start stroking.

It’s better you start with a slower thrust speed, so you can draw out your masturbation session as long as possible. Turn on your Handy and enjoy a most amazing session unlike any other.

For first-timers who get so aroused with putting on an erection ring that they shoot quite early. What they should do is practice edging.

They should let Handy stroke them very near to climax and stop the device. They can do this for as long as they find pleasurable before letting the machine stroke them to a big bang finish.

This isn’t for everyone. It’s STRICTLY for those who hanker for a more EXPLOSIVE RESULT.

To see greater fireworks at the end of your session, quickly undo the fastener and remove your ring near the time of your climax.


#2    Wanking with the C-Ring behind Your Testicles 

You know, your balls wouldn’t mind some affection too. And there’s nothing more sensational than the stimulating tightness of a C-ring!

Settle the adjustable ring behind your balls and make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Slide your junk into the Handy stroker and start thrusting straight away.

It has been confirmed that wearing C-ring around the testicles instead of the penis helps with premature ejaculation.


#3    Take Your Play up A Notch with 2 Penis Rings at a Go 

Wear the first cock ring behind the testicles.

Slide a second ring (make this one the stretchy type) to the base of your penis.

Now you’re rocking a ring behind your balls and another one before your balls. This will enable you to have a powerful and super firm erection that you’ve probably only seen in porn films.

Next, put your penis inside the Handy sleeve and start wanking away.


How to Hit Your P-Spot and Enjoy Super Strong Milking with a Vibrating Anal Probe and the Automatic Handy Stroker

Sometime back, people linked anal vibrators only to gays but nowadays, that isn’t the case anymore. Anal vibrators are for anyone, both men and women alike, interested in finding new ways to experience sexual pleasure.

As far as gender stereotypes go, guys are offered a limited set of sexual toys, Vibrators are one good way to break out of those boundaries and explore a new realm of sensual gratification.

That’s why we’re introducing you to how to masturbate with the Handy masturbator and a vibrating anal probe.

A vibrating anal probe is one of the main types of anal vibrators. The 2 other popular anal vibes are vibrating butt plugs and vibrating anal beads.

What Is A Vibrating Anal Probe?

Smaller than the butt plug or prostate massager, anal probes are approximately the size of the human finger which makes them the ideal device for beginners.

The main purpose of the vibrating anal probe is to glide in, vibrate, and stimulate your prostate. However, some men use it as a foreplay tool to tickle other parts of their body including their dick.

They then use it to fuck their ass while an automatic hands-free stroker helps them wank off their dick. Vibrating anal probes vary in design, shape, and size.

When shopping for one, make sure you buy a design with a flared base to ensure the toy doesn’t get lost or probably stuck down there.


To get started,


Firstly, get the Handy masturbator and a body-safe vibrating anal probe.


Secondly, use this diagram as a guide to locate what you’ll be stimulating – your prostate.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Thirdly, learn how to have the most crazily sensuous time ever by hitting your male G-spot and fucking your penis simultaneously.


How-To Guide

  1. Before you begin masturbating, take a test drive with your vibrator by pressing it firmly across your body without turning on the motor. This helps to familiarize your body with the feel of the vibrator.
  2. Play around with the settings to get acquainted with the functions.
  3. Start your foreplay by turning on your vibrator to a low setting and run it across your arms, belly, scalp, butt, nipples, and other places you fancy. Well, anywhere but your genitals and apply deep pressure when moving the toy over these areas.
  4. Also with deep pressure, move the vibrator to sensitive parts like the perineum, inner thigh, and up and down your shaft. Remember you’re aiming for a more intense release, so don’t tease your shaft to the extent it’ll ejaculate prematurely.

When you deeply press the vibrator to the perineum, it’ll stimulate your prostate externally which gives a sweet feeling. When you get to your scrotum, you may want to press the vibe gently because hard press might not feel so good.

  1. When you get to your anus, gently slide the device in, and tilt it toward the prostate. But before you do this, ensure you’ve applied plenty of anal lube at the edge and deep within your anus.
  2. Tease your prostate a bit till you’re aroused, and remove the toy.
  3. Lube up your penis if you want. Slide it into your Handy sleeve, and adjust grip, stroke speed, and length to desired settings.
  4. To draw out your solo play, begin with a low thrust speed. Start stroking with your Handy, at the same time. With your other free hand, slide your probe into your butt, and use it to tease your prostate and fuck your ass till you cum.

Male Masturbation Machines: Health Benefits 

Helps in managing premature ejaculation: The therapists of sex across the globe found that men who do premature ejaculation during sex can get advantage from masturbation if he does masturbation for about 2 hours before sex and masturbation machines play an important role in that. This enables men to have longer duration before another ejaculation comes on.

Improves Sperm Motility: Some researches proved that masturbation can improve some motility and quality. Theoretically, it is said that a man before masturbation intercourse can release the residual sperms in the transporting tubules of semen. In this way, for the new and better sperms that are released during the sexual act and help in increasing the chances of conception that can add to health benefits.

Prevents Prostate Cancer: In one of the researches in Australia, it is found that men ejaculated more than three or five times a week can be third less to develop prostate cancer. So, masturbation and its machines help you to do that and hence you flush bad substances out of your system and will protect you from prostate cancer.

Keep you last longer: It helps you to take yourself to palm prom that can help you to stretch your sack sessions. Make yourself train by keeping timing, as like how long you take to orgasm. Usually, if it takes two-three minutes solo, then try for the next three times. Or, you can also count the number of strokes you need to get to a happy place.

Helps in managing stress and depression: Masturbation with machines can help in reducing stress level and manages it. With the help of it, you can release the feel-good hormones known as Oxytocin in the body. Also, it has been found useful in reducing depression.

Helps in reducing nasal congestion: In one of the studies, it is demonstrated that masturbation or sex helps in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose. Theoretically, it may improve the symptoms of the hay fever, common cold, allergic rhinitis and many other health-related ailments.

Boost your mood: Masturbating helps in releasing a slew of neurochemicals of good feeling like oxytocin and dopamine which boost your satisfaction, lift your spirits and activate the reward circuits in the brain. An orgasm is one of the biggest non-drug blasts of dopamine which is available and it advantages health in more than one way.

Masturbation will not put hair on palms. Rather what it permits you to understand the need of your body better and helps you to pursue sexual pleasure on your own which may lead you to release tension, also provides an option for the safer sex activity with partners. It also allows you to explore your fantasies.

Virtual Reality Porn: How it Works and Where to Find It

VR porn is the hottest tech trend in the adult industry, and it’s getting better by the day. Virtual reality won’t just improve your private after-dark activities. It is going to change how you look at sex forever.

VR porn makes virtual sex look and feel real by putting viewers into the action. It does so much better than the same old 2D video, as it leaves nothing to the imagination and stimulates your senses.

Don’t let all the high-tech VR gadgets frighten you. Easing yourself into new realms of solitary orgasms is simpler than you might expect. But before you go searching the web for some digital smut, take time to go through the best tips on where, what, and how to watch VR porn.

What’s the big deal about Virtual Porn?

With virtual reality you won’t just be watching porn, it’ll seem like you are experiencing it. A once-passive experience is transformed into something far more interactive. The VR technology tricks your mind into thinking you’re an active participant in the erotic fantasy playing out before your eyes.

Most VR adult videos are filmed from a participant’s point of view, without the impression of gazing at a screen and excluding all background distractions.

Ready to join in on the fun? We wouldn’t hold that against you. Just keep reading!

What You need to watch VR Porn?

VR blue films are not readily accessible to anyone with an internet-connected screen. In other words, you’ve got to shell out some bucks for a couple of neat gadgets, but that’s all part of the fun. Next are things you’ll need for your coming virtual sex happy hour.

A VR Headset: There are lots of options being sold, so look for one that best fits your needs.

A Connected Device: You know, most VR headsets can’t work on their own, so you’ll need a “mediator” device. This could be a computer, smartphone, or your video game console.

Whether you’re streaming or downloading, VR films need a stable internet connection. This is because such films tend to be larger as you’re no longer watching a rectangular 1080p projection.

Now, you’re watching videos recorded from several angles – below, above, to the sides; and many times, often behind. And since you’re viewing the screen up close, a better quality which equates to higher bytes is filmed with higher definition cameras.

A masturbator, Lube, & the Right Apps: You don’t want to leave out these items because, without them, your solo play isn’t complete.

Best VR Porn websites

One of the popular ways people view VR porn is by downloading them from a website. Some of the favorite virtual reality porn sites include Badoink, Sex like Real, Wankz VR, Sex Babes VR, and Virtual Real porn.

For best free VR videos, there are the likes of Handyfeeling, Pornhub, xHamster VR, Pornhub VR, and VRSmash.

Now that your VR gadgets are ready, go have fun!

Will adult Virtual Reality improve or sink my sex life?

Although the VR adult industry is relatively new, it’s rapidly growing in exciting and innovative ways. The Virtual Reality section of porn sites like Pornhub has recorded millions of views since it debuted in early 2018.

Seeing the rise of VR sexual interactions, many have wondered if virtual Reality is of any good to them and their relationship in the long run.

In this article, we look at a few ways VR sex can empower you and improve your sex life.

VR Sex for newcomers to Relationship

While there’s nothing that can replicate the feeling of skin-to-skin contact, VR adult interactions may offer people new to relationships a safety net – which is a chance to experience their very first sexual encounter without fear of inexperience, ridicule, or failure.

An executive of a VR adult company once stated that Virtual Reality sexual interaction is able to address one of the phobias in the society: fear of sex or erotophobia.

He said VR aims to help people struggling with intimacy issues about performance, whether as a result of poor sex education in schools or religious upbringing. The executive commented that a lot of people have a negative view of sex.

So for couples with minimal or zero sexual experience, VR can be a terrific way of working through most anxieties ahead of time.

Working through most sexual dysfunction

Erotophobia is one condition some people use adult VR for, with some level of success. But virtual interactions can also be applied in treating other sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation (PE).

Treating PE, for instance, typically involves asking the sufferer to bring themselves very close to arousal then stop or “edge” before orgasm. The method is to retrain the body to delay orgasm.

Yes, this training can feel incredibly intimate if done with a partner. At the same time, it could cause a sense of inadequacy, fear, frustration, or pressure at the early stages of treatment.

VR allows the user a safe space to recover without the anxiety which the presence of a partner might cause. This lets people take treatment at their own speed and build up to a healthier and happier sex life with their other half.

It offers an outlet for sexual fantasies

Many of us have some form of fetish or fantasy. However, some couples will discover that their sexual fantasies don’t align, and they have to scratch those fetish-based itches in other ways.

Adult VR interactions provide the ideal outlet for those who wish to live their fantasies for a while without it affecting their relationship negatively. And as long as the two partners are in the know and happy about the situation, the other partner can explore to their heart’s content – in a way that keeps everyone happy.

While the effect of “VR as sexual fantasy outlet” hasn’t been tested in any research, we’re looking at it from porn’s point of view. A study carried out by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that female respondents were only upset when their partners watch porn in secrecy.

On the other hand, women whose partners told them about their porn usage reported lower levels of stress and higher relationship satisfaction than their counterparts. From this, we see that when it comes to using VR as a sexual outlet, honesty with a partner makes all the difference.

Our take

Adult Virtual Reality has created a different and exciting new world for us. When used constructively, it can complement a couple’s relationship and may make sex more thrilling for those involved.

Sex robots with artificial intelligence

Realistic robots

At Abyss Creations factory in California a sex robot called Harmony with artificial intelligence was created.

She smiles, blinks and frows, can support conversation, jokes and quotes Shakespeare, recognize faces and remember birthdays, food preferences and names. Harmony can talk about music, movies and books – and of course, she can have sex and respond to caresses.

The Sinister Valley effect

It would seem that the more realistic the robot is, and the more it looks like a person, the better, especially if we talk about sex robots. In reality though, this is not true. The human brain is a bit more complicated than that, resulting in a phenomenon called The Sinister Valley effect. The essence of this phenomenon is that when a robot looks like a real person, it makes the observer feel dislike and even fear towards that object.

In order for people to feel comfortable in the presence of humanoid robots, they must resemble people, but have some obvious differences, so that you can immediately distinguish them from humans. For example, you can make them look like dolls: with unrealistically big eyes, button noses and other traits that seem nice and cute, but at the same time clearly signal: “This is not a human being!”

However, even such differences does not entirely solve the problem, because not only appearance can scare people, some natural actions, such as eye movements, might also freak us out.

However, the developers are not very upset about this. It is believed that over time this reaction to robots will pass, people will get used to it and will treat electronic creatures equally, in whatever form they appear – virtual or physical.

Sex robots can affect gender relations

One could assume that the only purpose of owning a sex robot would be for sex. However, a recent survey with over 500 men showed that they expect much more from they sex bots in the future.

38% of the men have what they consider to be “taboo sex fantasies” that they cannot satisfy with their partners, and 30% of them are shy and single, so a sex robot would make it a lot easier for them to live out their fantasies. .

Surprisingly, many (about one in ten respondents) said that they would like to buy a realistic sex robot with artificial intelligence as an intellectual interlocutor.

15% of respondents want a partner who will never let them down and will not experience negative emotions. One of five stated that the sex robot will always listen to them, and 17% of the surveyed would like a sex robot with the same interests as they have.

Emotional disconnect?

Some believe that creating realistic sex robots encourages unemotional sex. Others, however, argue the opposite. There are many devices for male masturbation, so why make sex robots look like real women and program them to express human emotions, if not for emotional connection with their owners?

Will this be the downfall of real relationships? One would hope the opposite. All technologies can be used for good and bad – that is out of the creator’s hands. But one would hope that any technology we create helps human beings express themselves and live a better more fulfilled life. We need human relationships, and sex tech can always be used to accomodate that.

Digitalsexuality: What to expect from the future of sex

Sex futurists predict that it will be difficult to imagine a person’s intimate life without a close interweaving with high technology already in 2030s. After a couple of decades, you will be called a jammed freak, if under the tangled pillow that synchronizes your heart rate with the rhythm of your lover, there is no device for remote kissing or connection to a mobile sex toy application.

The high-tech sex of the future promises to be so vivid and multifaceted that some people will prefer not to have intimate relationships with other people at all. At least that is the fears of some digital sex toy critics.
Let’s start this off with a definition:

Digisexual: Someone whose sexual identity is associated with the use of technology.

Now, that my friend, might already be more of us than critics fear!

Sex futurists predict that by 2028, more than a quarter of young people will have sex with their partners using different devices, being far away from each other, and that by 2045, one in ten will have a sexual experience with a humanoid robot.

Virtual Sex: 3D avatars, Porn worlds and VR mania

The porn industry is one of the first to master promising VR technologies in its traditional manner. According to some sources, by 2025 the “virtual porn reality” industry will be worth an estimated 1 billion dollars.

Another promising direction of future sex is online role-playing games. To date, developers are actively trying to connect the real and virtual worlds through high-tech sex toys, motion-capture and VR-technology, as well as improved design.

Of course, the sex entertainment industry are waiting for the creators of VR helmets, who by 2030 promise to master the technology of “brain reading” – to create an operating system that will read the neural activity of the brain and redirect it in the form of concrete actions in the virtual world. Then we will be close to the idea shown in the movie “Demolition Man”. According to the plot, in 2032 people have sex with the help of helmets that transmit “sexual energy” between partners.

Sex Robots With Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most common fantasy of digitalsexuals is sex with human-like androids endowed with artificial intelligence. At the moment, this is just a dream. The most twisted robot is considered a gynoid Sophia – the one who jokingly promised to take over the world. She can really answer some mysterious questions and recognize people’s emotions, but she is still far from the heroine of Ex machina.

So far, digitalsexuals can settle for intimacy with hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls or automatic strokers with digital universes.

A few of our recent favourite community contributions

We also thought it was worth linking in some of our user made favorites which makes the Handy an even more versatile product to use for digisexuals and others alike:

What’s the Future?

Ordinary sex toys are no longer in trend. Today, the sex industry, like many others, is greatly influenced by technologies. VR porn, remote control toys, smart masturbators – it’s just a small list of things to pay attention to.

VR Porn Movies

How does it work? A person wears VR glasses, and a certain action unfolds. In a movie for adults, the main character who is the visitor himself may, for example, be surrounded by cheerleaders, or may even play the role of a criminal interrogated by a sexual investigator. It all depends on your desires and imagination. The feelings are quite real, although no one really touches anybody. However, now there are various devices that imitate the movements of the actress/actor to make the touching seam very much real.

Virtual time capsule

One company, creating virtual reality porn took it one step further and launched the time capsule. This is a service which allows you to record yourself having sex on camera (from all sides, filming both partners) and in many years, relive this experience again – all you need to do is to wear VR glasses.

Sex toys based on artificial intelligence

More and more masturbators are based on artificial intelligence. For example, scientists created a device that imitates oral sex. It constantly changes technique and reproduces complex and unusual movements, which makes an imaginary partner. To create the device, scientists used deep training. They invented a system to annotate porn videos to understand which movements give a man the greatest pleasure. They analyzed 109 hours of blowjob video, a total of 1200 videos. The algorithmic model processed the data and transferred it into toy movements.

Sex during the pandemic

In New York, the Health Department sent out a memo to residents with rules of sex during the pandemic.

“You are your most reliable sexual partner. Masturbation does not spread COVID-19, as well as sex toys. Especially if you wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after sex”.

During the self-isolation the demand for condoms and sex toys has increased. Consumers pay attention to the sound characteristics of the masturbators as it is important in the situation when everybody’s at home.

If the partners are quarantined separately, they can have sex from a distance and even without seeing each other. Modern sex toys can be controlled remotely. This allows anyone to have access to the toys, even if they are in another country.

According to forecasts of sex futurologists, by 2028, more than 25% of young people will have sex at a distance with the help of gadgets, and by 2045 every third person will have an intimate experience with sex toys.

Does Masturbation & Frequent Ejaculation Really Lower Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer?

For many decades before the 21st century, people passed around a lot of unfounded myths to discourage the act of masturbation. While some myths are pretty scary, some are downright hilarious.

Take for instance the false tales that masturbation shrinks genitals, makes men cheat, causes infertility, mental illness, and also makes hair grow in odd places.

For men struggling with these issues, these myths won’t only cause more anxiety, it will also make them feel extremely guilty over a perfectly normal and healthy sexual act.

If not for the coming of the early 2000s which brought along with it different research and studies showing that sexual acts (including masturbation and the non-sexual wet dreams) that produce ejaculations have potential health benefits.

Health benefits that may see you enjoy a lower risk of having prostate cancer (PCa) in your later years.

Want to know the interesting things that science is saying concerning ejaculation frequency, sex, and masturbation; and how that could lower your PCa risk?

Let’s explore together.

What Is The Prostate? 

It’s unfortunate that most times when the name “prostate” comes up, it’s always within the context of cancer. This organ by itself is extremely important to a man’s healthy sexual function. 

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized organ that lies just beneath the bladder and sits across the rectum. 

It is located deep within the groin at the base of the penis and it surrounds the urethra, the duct (or tube) that transports urine from the bladder through the penis. 

The prostate is only found in males and its main function is to produce the proteinous fluid that mixes up with sperm cells to form the semen. 

The gland also regulates the viscosity of the semen and during ejaculation, the muscles of the prostate forcefully press semen into the urethra and make sure the liquid gets discharged.     

Masturbation & Prostate Cancer: What’s The Link? 

It is the prostate role in the production of semen that led scientists to think there could be a possible link between prostate cancer (PCa) and masturbation. 

Before we proceed, it’s important you know that currently there’s no scientific evidence linking masturbation and prostate cancer. 

But in the meantime, the medical community is going with one theory because of the little that has been discovered from some recent studies.  

The theory explains that any activity – whether it is sex, nocturnal emissions, or masturbation – that makes you flush out old semen help prevent stagnation and keeps the prostate clean and fresh. 

That way, toxins that could lead to PCa as you grow older, are prevented from building up. 

Ejaculation Frequency & Prostate Cancer: What Has Science Discovered So Far? 

As the years go by, more evidence is coming up to support the connection between ejaculation and reduced risk of prostate cancer. 

But of all the researches, three large studies from the US, Australia, and China made the best case yet. 

The questions posed to participants include the number of times they ejaculated and other related questions. The very act that produced the discharge didn’t matterwet dreams and masturbation were also included. 

Next, the scientists tracked how these men fared (in different age groups) over the years. At the end of the studies, the different research teams found out that basically, the more the participants ejaculated per month, the lower their likelihood of developing prostate cancer. 

This made experts wonder about what could be the reason for ejaculation helping prostate health. Some like Dr. Edward Giovannucci, Editor-in-chief of Cancer Causes and Control, believes that, 

“…in men who have not ejaculated in a long time, seminal fluid undergoes oxidative changes that potentially, at least, render it toxic to the prostate. 

There may be benefits from not letting these fluids stagnate but instead clearing them out periodically.” 

Another expert and urologist, Dr. Stephen Freedland, a director at the Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai hospital had similar opinions, 

The hypothesis is that ejaculations, by helping the prostate to empty regularly, prevent clogging of the ducts in the prostate, which can lead to inflammation. Therefore, by preventing inflammation, it would lower prostate cancer risk,”  

Despite all these expert opinions giving plausible reasons for the association between ejaculation and prostate cancer, Dr. Giovannucci (and also other doctors) is quick to point out that, 

“At this point, this (any explanation given) is based more on intuition than strong scientific evidence.” 

Puzzling Facts That Remain Unclear To Date 

While it’s true that scientific studies are showing a lot of promise, there’s still more on the subject of ejaculation and PCa that remain unclear to date. 

Some of them are: 

  • Research has shown that frequent ejaculation is connected one way or another to prostate cancer, but why that is, no one knows and neither is there solid proof to back it up.
    Some opine that maybe men who ejaculate often usually lead a healthier lifestyle that could be reducing their odds. 
  • For now, scientists can’t say for certain whether ejaculation during masturbation or sex offers equal benefits.
    What we know currently is that the composition of semen for each of these sexual acts is different. For instance, semen released during sex contains a higher level of sperm and vital chemicals. 
  • Ejaculation may protect against lower-risk cancers, but it offers no defense against the most advanced or deadly forms of prostate cancer. And nobody knows why. 
  • Not every research has uncovered a benefit. The three studies we mentioned garnered more attention because of their huge number of participants and their lengthy years. 

Some smaller researches didn’t show a positive result like the other big three. One small study saw no beneficial effect. 

Another showed that frequent masturbation (including sex) in younger men actually increases their risk of prostate cancer, but decreases the risk of the disease in men aged 50 and above.   

The Harvard Ejaculation Study 

The Harvard ejaculation study is by far the largest research (in terms of length of years) that has ever been undertaken to examine the effect of ejaculation on prostate cancer. 

In terms of number of participants, it comes second after Sichuan University ejaculation study which has 55,000+ human subjects.  

The Harvard study offers the strongest proof to date of the beneficial role that frequent ejaculation plays in preventing prostate cancer, particularly in low-risk cases. 

From their findings, published in the medical journal, European Urology, the researchers shared this interesting bit: 

“more frequent ejaculation in the absence of risky sexual behaviours could represent an important means of reducing the profound medical costs and physical and psychological side effects of unnecessary diagnosis and treatment of low-risk tumours, even though it appears to be less strongly associated with aggressive disease”. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at this impressive study which started in 1992 and spanned nearly two decades (18 years to be exact). 

Research Objective 

To conduct an extra 10-year follow-up of an initial research that began in 1986. But this time, greater emphasis is placed on the link between prostate cancer and the number of times a man releases.  

The Team Behind the Research 

This research took place in the United States. 

And it was carried out by a team of researchers consisting of different academicians from Harvard Medical School, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Boston University School of Public Health. 

The project was financed with grants from the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) Young Investigator Award and funds from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). 

Research Type 

The research was a cohort study collecting data and following up on male health practitioners from 1992 to 2010. 

In case you are wondering, cohort studies refer to medical researches where participants are followed for a period of time, and samples or data are collected at intervals. 

These types of research are usually conducted to investigate what causes a disease and to discover how suspected risk factors affect health outcomes later on in life. 

Three real-life examples of other popular cohort studies are: 

“The joint effects of sleep quality and sleep duration on the development of coronary heart disease 

How exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) early in life affects obesity levels in children later in life 

“Cohort study of smoking and lung cancer incidence in rural prefecture, Japan” 

For this particular ejaculation cohort research, the survey questions vary to track multiple health outcomes. 

However, the focus of the study authors was on the link between the ejaculation frequency of participants at different age groups and how that affects their risk of developing prostate cancer. 

Research Design, Participants, and Setting 

In 1992, researchers took specific answers of 31,925 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS for short), a study that Harvard started in 1986 to look at the relations between men’s lifestyles and their resulting health outcomes. 

The answers were taken to the 1992 Harvard ejaculation study questionnaire and evaluated to see whether the number of times a man release affects his chances of getting PCa. 

At the beginning of the HPFS study in 1986, the age range of the men fall between 40 and 75 and every single one of them was a health professional. The participants were asked questions concerning their lifestyle and medical history and the information was collected every two years. 

During the 1992 Harvard 10-year follow-up study, when the researchers finished evaluating the HPFS data, they proceeded to seek for more data from 29,342 men. 

The ages of participants this time was between 46 and 81 and they were asked to provide data concerning the average number of times they ejaculated per month within these ages: 

  • Age 20 – 29 years 
  • Age 40 – 49 years and  
  • The year before the Harvard study 

For the study, all ejaculations counted – be it release from sexual intercourse, masturbation, or wet dreams.   

The Results 

In the course of follow-up, 3,839 participants were diagnosed with prostate cancer and the average number of ejaculations per month dropped with age. 

Also, the proportion of participants averaging 13 or more ejaculations in a month was 57% at age 20-29 but decreased to 32% when they entered 40-49. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, here’s a quick summary of the detailed result which many men are sure to love.

Outcome for Men Ejaculating 21 Times or More in a Month 

Compared with participants who ejaculated 4 to 7 times per month and excluding those struggling with erectile dysfunction, there was 

  • A 20% decrease in prostate cancer risk for men aged 20-29. 
  • An 18% reduction in PCa risk for men aged 40-49. 
  • A 26% lower risk in PCa risk for men aged 50 and above whose ejaculation frequency per month for the previous year is 21 times or higher. 
  • A reduced PCa risk for men aged 40-49 who ejaculated 13 to 20 times in a month. 
  • A similar though smaller decrease in PCa risk for participants of all ages whose average ejaculation rate per month is 13 times or more. 

Outcome for Men Whose Ejaculation Frequency per Month Is More Than 13 Times 

Compared with those releasing 4-7 times in a month, there was… 

  • A 25% lower chance of developing “low-risk” PCa for ejaculation at age 20-29. 
  • A 28% reduced risk of developing “low-risk” PCa for ejaculation at age 40-49. 
  • A 25% decreased chance of getting “low-risk” PCa at age 50 and beyond. 
  • A 27% lower chance of developing “intermediate-risk” PCa at age 20-29. 
  • No notable differences were discovered for ejaculation frequency at advanced ages and intermediateriskPCa or for any age group and “high-risk” PCa. 


Here is the summary in the researchers’ own words: 

We evaluated whether ejaculation frequency throughout adulthood is related to prostate cancer risk in a large US-based study. 

We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  

The Australian Ejaculation Study 

In its July 2003 edition, the British Journal of Urology (BJU International) published for the first time an ejaculation study conducted in Australia. 

Similar to the Harvard research result for American men, the Australian study also came to remarkably similar conclusions: 

That Australians who released more often (especially between ages 20 to 50) are less likely to develop PCa later on in life. 

For this study, 2,338 men were recruited and the focus of the researchers was on how sexual factors contribute to the development of prostate cancer before reaching age 70. 

And just like the US-based Harvard investigation, the Australian researchers assessed total ejaculations instead of sexual intercourse itself. Concerning the areas the study team looked into, the lead researcher, Professor Giles said, 

“We looked at a number of different aspects of sexual activity including the number of sexual partners, the frequency of ejaculation, as well as the number of times men ejaculated at different ages, from their twenties through to their fifties. 

The study (also) looked at ejaculation in the context of intercourse with another person, masturbation, nocturnal emissions, etc…” 

What Inspired the Study? 

Two things motivated this study. The first is previous studies suggesting that high ejaculation rates increase the risk of cancer only covered emissions from sexual intercourse. 

However, the researchers felt to be able to get a better result, a comprehensive study in this area has to cover all activities that produce emissions – sex, masturbation, foreplay, wet dreams, use of visual cues, etc. 

The second reason why the Australian scientists embarked on the research was because of studies done around that time which linked breast cancer with how often a woman lactates. 

In an interview, Professor Giles commented that,  

“The prostate gland is similar to a breast in that it’s an organ destined to secrete a fluid. 

It occurred to us that, if the seminal fluid is not flushed out of the ducts sufficiently, then chemical changes may occur which may in due course lead to an increased risk of cancer.”  

Research Objective 

To look for the connection between prostate cancer and the number of times of ejaculation in males below 70 years of age. 

There were also attempts to investigate if the connection was age-dependent by evaluating ejaculatory frequencies in the participants’ 3rd, 4th, and 5th decades.  

The Team Behind the Research 

The study team was led by Professor Graham Giles, the then Director of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Funds were provided from a grant given by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). 

Additional financial support was provided by the E.J. Whitten Foundation and the Tattersall’s foundation while infrastructure was from The Cancer Council Victoria. 

The project researchers come from different organizations such as The University of Western Australia, Dunedin School of Medicine in Otago, New Zealand, The European Institute of Oncology, and The Cancer Council Victoria. 

Research Type 

The research is a case-control population-based study of PCa in Australia. A case-control or case-referent study is a form of observational study where two existing groups with differing outcomes are collated and compared. 

As for population-based, that means subjects involved in the research come from a fixed or defined geographic region. 

In this study, Professor Giles and his team questioned 1,079 PCa patients and compared their replies with 1,259 healthy males of similar age. 

Research Design, Participants, and Setting 

This research involved two classes of men – those already diagnosed with PCa (1,079) and men without the disease (1,259) making a total of 2,338 participants. 

The men were picked from three places in Australia (Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney) and were all under 70 years. The questionnaire shared, focused mainly on ejaculation regardless of how it occurred (wet dreams, masturbation, intercourse with a partner, etc.) 

Questions asked in the survey include: 

  • Age at first ejaculation 
  • Highest number of discharge ever experienced within 24 hours 
  • Average number of times that they had ejaculated per week in their most sexually active year in each of three decades of age (i.e. third, fourth, and fifth). 
  • Average number of ejaculation per week during the most sexually active years (i.e. in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th decades) 
  • Number of sex partners before and after clocking 30 years of age  

To prevent less-than-honest answers and ensure the privacy of participants, three things were done: 

  • Questions relating to sexually transmitted diseases were not asked. 
  • Participants filled the questionnaire by themselves. 
  • After filling out their answers, subjects are required to seal their questionnaires in unmarked envelopes before returning them to the interviewer. 

How the Interviews Went 

Most times, the interviews were conducted at participants homes. After the preliminaries, a sexual history survey form would be given to the participant. 

If there is anything unclear to the respondent, he can ask the interviewer but to preserve the integrity of the survey, an interviewer is only allowed to respond to questions relating to definitions. 

To make the survey questions easily understood by participants so as to eliminate the need for more clarification, plain-language terms and sentences were used. 

Also, before the final draft of the questionnaire was approved, focus groups were consulted to make sure the questions were comprehensible, acceptable, and won’t be ignored.  

The Results 

The research team found out that men who ejaculated every day when they were in their 20s had their risk of getting prostate cancer in later years reduced by one-third. The protection didn’t stop at this age group alone, it also extended to the remaining age groups. 

Overall, men whose average ejaculations in a week range between 4.6 to 7 times were 36% less likely to get PCa before age 70, unlike men who averaged 2.3 to 3 ejaculations in a week. 

Other important findings from the research are revealed in a statement from the lead researcher, Professor Giles: 

“Our research indicates that there is no association between prostate cancer and the number of sexual partners, which argues against infection as a cause of prostate cancer in the Australian population. 

We also found no association between maximum number of ejaculations in a 24 hour period and prostate cancer. Therefore, it is not men’s ability to ejaculate that seems to be important.” 


Talking about what they think could be the reason for the above result, the research team commented, 

“For this reason, our explanations are fairly speculative – one possible reason for the protective effects of ejaculation may be that frequent ejaculation prevents carcinogens building up in the prostatic ducts. 

If the ducts are flushed out, there may be less buildup and damage to the cells that line them. However, this is only one study and our findings require further corroboration in other studies.” 

Sichuan University (China) Ejaculation Study 

To get to the truth behind the effect of ejaculation on Prostate cancer, five lead researchers (all doctors) and a host of other scientists in China undertook the daunting task of analyzing the data of 55,490 men. 

The data was collated from 22 prior studies and the research result was published in the August 2018 edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM). Just like the Harvard and Australian studies, the Chinese researchers had similar findings, but with an added twist. 

The result showed that the risk of men developing a tumor falls the more their sexual frequency increases. Not so surprising, masturbation too was discovered to deliver similar benefits. 

Things got a little interesting in the area of number of female sexual partners and how early a man should have sex. The research findings show that when it comes to the number of female lovers a man can take, less is better and healthier. 

And for the age at first intercourse, it seems the older a man is the first time he has sex, the lesser his chances of getting prostate cancer later on. 

Here’s a quick look at the Chinese ejaculation research. 

Research Objective 

To determine the link between ejaculation frequency, age during first intercourse, number of female sex partners, and the risk of prostate cancer. 

The Team Behind the Research 

The five lead researchers involved in the project were all from Sichuan University, China. Funding and infrastructure were provided by West China Hospital, Sichuan University, and other donors.    

Research Type 

The research comprises of 1 cohort study as well as 21 case-control studies.  

Research Design, Participants, and Setting 

A total of 55,490 men were involved in this analysis. 40,514 were controls and 14,976 were patients. 

The Results 

The researchers discovered that “moderate ejaculation” (releasing 2 to 4 times a week) reduces a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer by 10% and this risk didn’t drop when ejaculation frequency went up. 

Additionally, the research team discovered that men who waited to have sex at a later age had their PCa risk decreased by 4% for every 5-year delay in age at first intercourse. 

Also, the chances of PCa increased by 10% for every 10 female sex partners the participant had.   


Despite the results of the Chinese meta-analysis (a study that combines the outcomes of several scientific studies), the researchers warned people not to jump to conclusions because correlation does not imply causation. 

There is still no definite proof that an increase in ejaculation frequency can help avert prostate cancer. Nonetheless, scientists are leaning more towards that theory, for now, because a few large studies have shown a positive connection.  

When commenting on the strength and limitation of the study in the JSM journal, the Chinese researchers advised that the results should be interpreted with caution because most included studies used case-control design. 

Case-control design meaning participants who have an outcome of interest or a disease (cases) are compared with participants who don’t have the outcome or disease (controls). 

The study now looks back in each group to evaluate how frequent exposure to a risk factor determines the association between the disease and the risk factor. 

The Bottom Line 

Science and technology keep bringing valuable knowledge and innovation that doctors are using to fight prostate cancer, and while that is good news, the best way of dealing with any deadly and common disease should be doing what you can to lower your odds of developing it at all.  

You may not be able to do anything about most factors (like family history and age) that raises a man’s odds of getting the disease. But increasing how often you cum? That’s a task a lot of men will gladly take on.  


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Sex Toys For Men: An Introduction For Beginners

We can all agree that male masturbation has eventually managed to stick its head out of the mud and that male sexual pleasure is on the agenda. Advanced sex toys continue to include a whole new dimension to both solo and partner-focused sexual pleasure, which is worth celebrating.

But despite penis focused toys prevailing for decades now, many men still cling onto their skepticism. Traditional, old-fashioned masturbation techniques are still a part of many men’s private moments of pleasure, simply because of information gaps.

Well, here is an introduction to the exciting and pleasurable world of male sex toys. Enjoy!

What are Male Sex toys?

Simply put, male sex toys are adult toys mostly manufactured from silicone and designed to level up sexual pleasure in masturbating or sexually active men, sexuality notwithstanding. These handy devices come in divergent shapes and sizes, making them viable for penis owners of all ages and all sizes. We also have different types, featuring auto-blows, sex dolls, prostate massagers, automatic masturbators, cock rings, and male strokers, among others.

Topped off with classic features that can mimic real-life sexual simulations, automatic sex toys are giving dildo and vibrator-manufacturers a run for their money.

It doesn’t matter whether you use them as masturbation aids or prefer flashing them out when getting down with a partner, these devices are the surest bet to having a mind-blowing and relieving orgasm.

The Growing Use Of Male Sex Toys

Modern day technology makes everything more accessible, and others more approachable. In the world of sex toys, the possibilities are endless. One quick search on the internet, and you can find almost everything you are looking for. There are a lot of options for all of us, but some may look tricky to use.
Happily, each of them has a purpose. Some will make your couples experience hotter, others will help you perform longer, and then, there are the ones you can enjoy all by your glorious self.

In the process of choosing your sex toy, take notes of their usage and characteristics and see how you want it, how you need it and of course, how to use it.

It’s important to remember that it’s perfectly fine to try them all because they can provide you with different types of pleasure.

For example, automatic masturbators and manual strokers can sometimes give you a better sexual experience than regular sex, as you can control every movement, you can choose your desired grip and of course, you can do it while you watch your favorite materials. And if not better, at least it offers a quite different experience all together.

Simply lube yourself up and get started. Make sure to clean the device thoroughly after you’re done and of course, do it again!

There are also toys you can only use with your partner. Cock rings, for example, are a great option for longer-lasting erections. They will slow the blood flow, keeping things interesting for a longer time. Whether you choose a simple one or a vibrating one, chances are, you are going to have a lot of fun!
The male sex toys are great, and some of them also have medical purposes, making them very important in some people’s lives. Don’t be afraid to try more!

Why Is There a Taboo on Sex Toys for Men?

Few people know, but with regard to sex toys for men there is an interesting paradox. Despite the fact that about 70% of visitors to sex shops are men, toys for the penis or prostate are in much less quantity than for the vagina. It seems that manufacturers are developing such devices on the residual principle, only to avoid offending anyone, and men often have to buy items considered “female”. Why does this happen?

First, there is a common myth that sex toys are only wanted by those who can not get the real deal. This opinion is often also heard about women.

“Why do I need a rubber vagina when I can easily access the real one?” Although such a childish comment is obviously ignorant, it’s still one that flourishes the web and real life conversations. It also very much helps to increase the taboo on sex toys, and by doing that – helping to decrease sexual pleasure and health for everyone.

In addition, we should not consider masturbation and sex interchangeable things: we masturbate for various reasons (from horniness to boredom to insomnia) we want a controlled rapid orgasm, and sex – the interaction with another person, which means the process is pleasantly unpredictable and full of emotions. Both masturbation and sex can be done with a partner – in each others presence or even appart using interactive tools.
I am sure you can agree that few of us give up “loving ourselves” just because we have a partner. In addition to that, any sex toy can be used by two (or three, if you like) – and thus make the time spent together more interesting. After all, humanity as a species has always attracted novelty.

“Men Don’t Cry”

We are used to the idea that women are complex and incomprehensible beings, and men are as simple as stools and lack emotions. Society is suspicious of men who experiment and try to study their sexuality. But it is easy to see how this unfairly limits men’s pleasure. And although we all know that everyone has the right to a variety of pleasures, we still see the same old stereotypes portrayed.

Thirdly, few people even know what modern sex toys can offer. “I do a great job myself, without any devices,” is a used up frase by now. But of course, the unknown is sometimes magical.

Common Myths About Male Sex Toys

The truth is, some years back, you couldn’t mention the word male sex toy and get away with it. If you are lucky, you’ll get some funny looks and ghastly facial expressions. To some men, the thought of experimenting with a sex toy sounds bonkers.

Thanks to technology, the world today is more sex-positive. You’ll find more topics on sex toys today than ever before, like how to find the best sex toys online, people are discussing in open forums more freely, and the overall trend is on a rise.

However, at the very end, controversy still lingers on the subject, some true, others a complete lie. You can easily fall victim to some of these false theories, and maybe you already have, all at the cost of your sexual pleasure.

Well, we believe the truth is all that matters. So to cut your long wait short, here are some of clarifications;

Sex Toys Replace Your Partner

You might believe that once you get hooked on a sex toy, you’ll spend less time with your partner between the sheets.

Contrary to this, sex toys bring you two closer together, if you are open and honest about it, and chose to let it strengthen your relationship.

While male sex toys bring many fabulous rewards to the table, it doesn’t mean real-life partners are completely out of the equation. For the record, it is impossible to replace a human partner. A pocket pussy won’t cuddle with you, or have a fun, nasty pillow talk.. Not yet at least. Sex toys are only meant to elevate your current sexual experiences by bestowing more pleasurable and exciting sexual sensations. They complement your sexual life, and if you use them well sex toys take your sex game up a notch – with or without a partner.

You Will Become Addicted

Hey – Let’s be frank, a good sex toy is hard to ignore. You might become addicted – if you bought the right toy!!!! You’re always ready to go every time you feast your eyes on your toy. You’re not alone. It happens to most of us because our bodies love pleasure. So next time you jerk off multiple times, feel good about it. We all know that those who take time to get a massage are constantly praised for taking care of their bodies. So take some pride in fulfilling your other needs to. And if you are gonna do something, do it right!

After all, you are making the best of it, just like you use your other gadgets like your computer. Only this time you’re properly enjoying it.

Sex Toys For Men Aren’t Nearly As Cool As Women’s

It is true. Women’s toys have dominated the market in previous years. That, however, isn’t necessarily the case anymore; technology has leveled the playing field, or at least leveling it as we speak.
Some of the best sex sleeves in the market today are for men. Infused with the latest trends technology has to offer, male sex toys can offer the best sexual experiences of all time. Virtual reality integration, remote control, perfect movie sync – there are a lot to say about dildo’s but I am pretty stoked about the recent developments in automatic strokers for penis owners too!

Sex Toys Are For Sad, Lonely People

This is part of why sex toys for men has been such a taboo. Remind you, I am saying “has been” because its on the way out. We all like pleasure. The majority of us enjoy masturbation – at least when done right. So if you are gonna do something, do it right. And enjoy it.
The freedom you feel when jerking off alone is priceless, you also get to try out new things. Such an experience will gear you up for when you meet the right person too if that is on the agenda. And yes, sad lonely people should also get sex toys because it would be a great way to lighten the mood!

Why Do You Need a Sex Toy?

You don’t. Obviously there is absolutely no necessity for human existence, but there are a lot of reasons why it might benefit you.

Improving Libido

Society has placed an unfair stereotype on men’s libido, with popular culture painting males as always horny and wanting sex. Masculinity contrasts and is misaligned with male sexuality due to the naked closeness, emotional connection, and vulnerability that sex requires.

According to research, sex drive is individual and reflects on your mental and physical wellbeing. You should be able to single-handedly take care of your urges and experience the pleasures your body is capable of experiencing. There’s more to male libido than just a desire to mate and with your unique sex drive, there’s need for selfdiscovery and pleasure.

The Issues Of Mismatched Libidos

It’s common for partners to have different levels of sexual drive, and this doesn’t mean you have incompatibility issues. Exploring your sexuality with masturbation and the creativity of sex toys lets you move past sexual advances, and the possibilities of rejection. It is a place where you can practice, discover and learn, without worrying about anything other than your own experience. If you are open and accepting in your relationship, then you can free your partner from experiencing a lack of fulfillment based on your level of needs.

Disparate sex drives may mean that your partner isn’t always ready, and it’s unreasonable to give them a responsibility to satisfy your desires. You shouldn’t feel resentful about reaching for your favorite male sex toy since you know and value yourself, and this fix will resolve your discomfort.

Managing Premature Ejaculation

Sex and relationship therapists across the globe found that men who experience premature ejaculation during sex can get a huge advantage from masturbation by masturbating for an hour or two before sex. This is actually a technique recommended by doctors as part of behavioral treatments for managing premature ejaculation.

Cultivate A Healthy Sexual Relationship With Yourself

Emotionally and physically connecting with yourself for a healthy, happy life should be the normal. Take care of your needs with a highly functional male solo-action machine that not only spices up the stimulation but also handles the mess? Why shouldn’t you? Life is short, pleasure is real.

Improve Sperm Quality

Quoting a previous article “Theoretically, masturbating before intercourse releases the residual sperms in the semen transporting tubules. In this way, masturbation allows for the new and better sperms to be released during sex and help in increasing the chances of conception.”

Might Prevent Prostate Cancer

A study conducted in Australia showed that In one Australian research, it was found that men who ejaculate between 3 and 5 times weekly have ⅓ less chance of developing prostate cancer, especially effective if the efforts were increased in their 20s.

Stress and Depression

Testosterone – improves stamina and arousal.
Dopamine – related to our brain’s reward system.
Prolactin – affects our mood and immune system.
Endorphins – also boosts the mood, relieves stress and a pain reliever.
Oxytocin – the love hormone.

All these hormones are released during ejaculation, which greatly suggests that masturbation could help relieve symptoms from stress and depression.

Clearing a Blocked Nose?

Researchers at Tabriz Medical University in Iran Masturbation has suggested that sex has been shown to help in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose. Which might also suggest similar effects for masturbation – although more research should definitely be done on this.

Besides, an erection ring enhances the erection and increases the sensitivity of the penis. The Prostate Stimulator massages the prostate you can hardly reach. A heated masturbator can warm your penis to a hot 40°C – you’ll only get such a pleasant bonus like that by yourself if you’re in heavy flu (which in that case you should masturbate, as stated above).

The Best Sex Toys for Men

The sex toy industry has undergone lots of rapid improvements, and men unlike before, are now a priority for manufacturers of erotic sex toys. The ridiculous notion that “real men” don’t need assistance with their masturbation is steadily being axed away.

Nowadays, the design and quality of toys for pleasuring penises have moved beyond low-quality, toxic, and freakishly oversized pocket pussies to stylish, well designed, and high-quality toys.

It’s important to point out there still exist some pretty awful male strokers in the market. To be fair, many of them are within the lower price range for those who couldn’t afford to splurge on the better higher-end strokers.

That being said, we scoured the internet for the recent masturbators that would 100% crank up your pleasure and are totally worth the money.

Here is our top list of male strokers not really from mediocre to the awesome, since everyone’s budgets and needs are different.

Manual Pocket Pussies

Manual pocket pussies are not all that expensive compared to the more advanced automatic masturbators. They contain only basic features, which is not surprising because of their price range.
Pocket pussies come in various types and styles. Some common types include:

  • Anal
  • Vaginal
  • Combination
  • Oral

Before getting one, consider your personal desires and kinks, then choose accordingly. It’s like you’re screwing a real vagina, you probably want to invest in a male masturbator that feels more realistic.
Generally, classic masturbators are made of stretchy sleeves to accommodate all penis sizes and they come with a ribbed or contoured exterior for a secure but gentle grip. When choosing one, confirm that the sleeve is medical-grade.

The other detail to consider before making a purchase is the size of the pocket pussy. If it is solely for home use, then you can pretty much get any size your heart desires.
If you are traveling with it, then you may want to pick a pocket pussy that is more portable and discreet.
One of the major drawbacks of this category of strokers is that seferal models currently available are hellish to clean and dry after use.


A new word in toy construction: this category includes the most unusual – and universal in application – models. That’s what you need for experiments.

Penis Pumps

They are not directly masturbation machines, but they are ejaculation tools as they make the erection more poured and saturated – it’s always interesting, and also exacerbates the sensation if used properly and the wanted results are met.

Automatic Male Strokers

If your manual stroker doesn’t do it for you anymore or you want an occasional variety to spice things up – then an auto stroker is the way to go.

Besides keeping your masturbation workload to a minimum, they have better suction and thrust speeds than the pocket pussies.

If you’re considering an automatic stroker, then you want to keep these 3 tips in mind – Material, size, and battery life (some models drain battery power like crazy).

A good automatic high-tech stroker should come equipped with a good power life and body-safe ultra-realistic sleeve. It should also have adjustable thrust speed, firm grip, layered cup for the best sensation, noiseless, and easy to clean.

Cock Rings

This is a brilliant solo and couple’s toy, as it helps you maintain a stronger and longer-lasting erection, but you should still be careful about what you choose. The vibrating ones usually need extra maintenance, as you need to replace the batteries and they have a short life-span.

It’s important again, that the one you choose will fit you, as it can be unpleasant for it to be too tight or too loose. In case you need one for medical purposes, the size is even more important.

Prostate Massagers

The first tip you need to know straight off about mixing and matching sex toys is where to concentrate your pleasure. A man can enjoy orgasmic pleasures apart from direct penile stimulation, which is through prostate massage. Located inside your butthole on the frontal wall of the rectum, your prostate gland can be stimulated directly through the anus. You can also massage it indirectly via your perineum (the area between your anus and genitals).

How to choose from this variety?

  1. Think about what you want. Looking for new sensations in masturbation? Take one of the penis stimulants. Do you mind exploring new horizons? Take a look at the prostate stimulant. Want to improve sex? Choose a ring or a pump to boost your erection and something versatile like a phallostimulator or a unisex vibrator.
  2. Decide on the budget. You shouldn’t take the cheapest – the feeling is almost sure to be so, and the quality is not much higher. But even the highest cost does not guarantee success. Imagine how much money you are willing to give for a really good device, which will please you for more than one year, and discount 10-15%, so that it would not be so offensive in case of failure – this will be your price bar.
  3. If you stop at a toy that is worn on the penis, measure it. Write down the length, maximum width and diameter of the penis in the erection state, and then make sure that the gadget will not be small or large – the necessary information is available on the site or at the consultants of the store.
  4. Pay attention to the material. High-quality material is a guarantee of safety for your health. Choose medical silicone, abs plastic, glass, ceramics and other hard materials. The toy should not smell of chemistry or leave a greasy, sticky mark on your fingers – these are definite signs of a bad material.

The Conclusion and Our Overall Pick

You need to try it before you know which one works for you. And unfortunately there are a lot of sex toys out there which promises gold but delivers nothing. So we recommend reading the feedback from other users, and make sure you read what the company promises. The best male stroker has to have something extra going for it. It should do more than simply make you cum.

You need to have a real experience. This is determined by tightness, thrust speed, sleeve material, and other extra features that make a masturbation session as stress-free and mind-blowing as possible.
You need to be very careful when you buy a new sex toy, as some of them may be manufactured from cheap and toxic materials, which can have a bad impact on your health, others, may not fit you properly. So we also recommend doing your research and if you are unsure, get in touch with the company.

How To Use Sex Toys

There are, of course, many ways you can use them. By yourself, or with your partner or partners. Sex toys usually have an intentional use, but you can get creative as well ofcourse, and combine and experiment as much as your boundaries allowes.

Let your partner take the control, and maybe throw in a pair of handcuffs and you’re set for a very fun night.

In the process of discovering what you want and what you like, there will be a lot of things to try. Searching for inspiration online can bring you a huge spectrum of ideas, but try and be critical when you try new things – not to limit yourself, quite to the contrary.

By being mindful, you limit the chances of less pleasurable experiences, and thus helping you feel comfortable when you experiment. Being mindful and critical does not mean not being in the grey shades, it just means you enter that realm with confidence and a positive expectation.


Proper care and storage of sex toys, as well as compliance with certain rules of use can extend their life span, avoid premature failure and prevent possible health problems. All sex toys are personal items, it is highly recommended not to pass them on to others.


The choice of lubricant depends on the material from which the sex toy is made. What is common for all the intimate accessories is one thing – you should not use fat-based substances such as cream or petroleum jelly with them. In the best case, it threatens irrevocable damage to the sex toy, at worst – a violation of microflora and inflammatory diseases in the future.

Sex shops offer various types of lubricants.Water-based lubes dry faster, but they can be used with almost any sex toy. Silicone-based lubricants provide excellent long-lasting sliding properties, but they cannot be used with silicone and realist sex toys (CyberSkin, UR3, Futurotic, etc.). If you ignore this, the surface of the toy will be covered with sticky, indelible film. Do the research in advance and see what the toy manufacturer recommends.


There are no restrictions on the duration of use of sex toys, everything depends on the intensity of use, accuracy, compliance with the recommendations and MOST IMPORTANTLY – the quality of the product.
Anal stimulators and other toys without vibration, the reason for write-off to scrap is the appearance of cracks, chips, roughness, mold and permanent contamination.

For sex toys with vibration, critical breakage – problems with vibration, cracks in the battery pack.
The use of realistic vaginas and masturbators is difficult after the appearance of tears and surface cracks.


Any sex toy should be washed carefully before the first use and after each use. Toys with batteries should be washed with special care to prevent water from getting in contact with the electronics. The method of cleaning and disinfection of sex toys depends on the materials they are made of and their design.

Usually it is indicated on the package and a basic list of rules are;

  • Plastic and glass can be washed with warm water and soap and alcohol can be used for disinfection.
  • Latex, gel, silicone – wash with warm water and soap or use a special cleaner for sex toys.
  • “Living body” materials (CyberSkin, UR3, Futurotic, etc.), wash with warm water and soap, special cleaners, dry well and treat with a special powder.

If you are not sure about the type of material, wash the toy with warm water and soap. With sex toys made of realistic materials, rubber or latex it is recommended to use a condom, it will help to significantly extend the products life span.


It is recommended to store sex toys away from direct sunlight and dust sources, in a dry and cool place. Before you hide a sex toy, it must be well dried. If you want to be extra careful, remove batteries from electric sex toys as storing them with the batteries inside might cause some damage.

Some materials that are used to make sex toys can stick together. Therefore, you should store your sex toys by wrapping them special bags, fabric or its original casing.

In the process of discovering what you want and what you like, there will be a lot of things to try. Make sure you do the research to find out what peoples experiences are with different toys. Of course we are all different, so make sure you go for what you want in the end of the day. There are many ways to use a good sex toy, so we would recommend reading the manuals and deep diving into the intentional use of the product, and then later on experiment when you know how to use it. So where do you go to find such reviews? Reddit is a great place to look as people talk freely about their experiences and there are a lot of sex toy recommendations there. Look out for affiliate links, as some of these reviewers are paid by the producers, but mostly it just regular people wanting to let you know – so that’s a great place to start.

Ready to start adventuring? Check out the most advanced high-tech masturbation machine on the market, with adjustable strokes (up to 600 a minute), VR compatibility, perfect movie sync and remote control.

5 Bad Penis Practices That Could Cause You Big-Time Sexual Problems

The penis is quite resilient, but countless bad practices you’re guilty of day in and day out could negatively impact your comfort, sex life, and overall health. 

Many men are aware certain habits could affect their sexual health but they’ve gotten so familiar with these actions that they don’t see the danger anymore. Probably because some penis issues don’t crop up overnight.

On the other hand, it is important to note that when these issues come up, you could battle them for months even years before making headway. 

Coming up are some common bad practices and poor hygiene habits you need to do away with ASAP.

Not using a condom when having anal penetrative sex 

It is always a wise move to wear your latex condom if you’ll be penetrating during any anal sex – and not only because it protects against STDs. 

Dr. Harry Fisch, a certified urologist at Weill Cornell Medical College told BuzzFeed Health that anal sex without using a condom is not advisable. He said it could introduce bacteria from fecal material into the urethra leading to either infection of the urinary tract or of the prostate.   

When using lube, stick with water-based or silicone lube. Stay away from oil-based lubes, as they are known to degrade latex condoms causing them to break. 

2. Irregular and careless washing of your penis

Your penis is not self-cleaning like the vagina. The surrounding of a penis tends to get pretty sweaty and warm, making it extra easy for fungus and bacteria to grow.

Dr. Fisch said in his BuzzFeed interview that if you don’t clean your penis enough, and gently but thoroughly – especially if you are a heavy sweater – you can develop irritation, unpleasant odor down there or fungal infections such as jock itch.

According to experts, apart from washing with soap and water at least once daily, you should also wash your penis not long after sex. The human body is said to be naturally filled with Candida albicans (a kind of fungus). This fungus can get out of control when your groin area is moist from sweat or fluids from a sex partner. 

3. Constantly masturbating in a way that can’t be replicated in actual sex with a partner

We are not saying masturbation is bad. Masturbation has great health benefits and it is totally normal, though there are a number of caveats for men, even women too. But our focus is on guys presently.

 Masturbating with high stroker speeds, certain genres of pornography, or tight handgrip that isn’t easy to replicate with a partner during sex can cause “delayed ejaculation”. A condition whereby it takes an impossibly long time to ejaculate or you can’t even ejaculate and orgasm at all during regular sex.

4. Hanging around in compression shorts or sweaty spandex after workouts 

Wearing bicycle shorts or tight-fitting spandex when exercising is absolutely fine and even works great for blood flow.

According to Dr. Fisch, still putting on tight shorts or spandex hours after workouts can trap moisture from sweats and heat helping your fungus friends to grow.

5. Having vaginal or anal sex without lubrication

Penetrating dry no matter the reason is a big no-no if you look at some of its after-effects. Maybe the lube you applied dried up in the process or your partner cannot self-lubricate.

Use as much lube as you want because penetrating dry or with insufficient lube could cause your penis to bend from attempting to force it in. Or your foreskin could tear if you are not circumcised. 


Is the Magic Lube a Secret to the Best Orgasms?

Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had and imagine what it would feel like to experience ten of those. We’ve all had days when all you want is that feverish glide that a good stroke brings.

I’ve got good news; it’s easy to turn such days into an everyday feeling. If you’re trying it out for the first time or have had the pleasure of a wild stroke, then you need to know what a good male sex toy infused with the right lube can do for you.

I know it’s easier said than done. Lubes are everywhere, and it’s easy to get lost. Don’t panic; here’s everything you need to know.

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Lube

The Secret Formula

The best lubes often come with their fair share of limitations, but if you understand what works for you, then you already have the upper hand, and it’ll save you the time and effort.

For a start, you should primarily look for a water-based lube for the best masturbation experience. After, look for the key ingredient that makes it the best; make sure it matches well with your preferred sex toy. Some lubes are oil based and will damage a motor. 

That aside an ideal lube must be soft on your skin and gentle for your fabric. You can conduct background research on the product to ascertain its efficacy. Reviews are a great way to do just that.

The Aroma

Can a simple scent turn you on or can it shoot down any chance you have at an orgasmic reaction? Silly as it may sound, research shows that a simple smell can boost your energy levels, and sets you right for excellent sexual debauchery.

However, a Lube with the best fragrance often lands hard on your skin. Some cause rushes while others cause allergic reactions. To others, the smell of a crotch is enough to get the job done; such a scent rarely has ripple effects on your body.

The best product should find the right balance in terms of sensation and satisfaction.

Product Design

A fancy design, shape or color doesn’t necessarily shout ‘the best product’ in every case. Fair warning, the market is full of them. So, how do you choose a lube just by looking at the container?

Well, it depends on how you like it; an ideal design should fit your masturbation needs. Imagine yourself using it whilst holding your favorite sex toy. Will it be easy to apply? The lube design should make it difficult to use in seconds, as too much focus off the mission might kill the mood. Ask yourself, do you prefer the lube over the top, a vintage pump or just the travel-friendly design? Your choice should be what you feel will get the sexual beast out of you.


Remember; go for something that touches your pain points. Choose a lube that has worked for others over the years, but keep an eye for what your body needs and essentially what makes you tick. Keep in mind that a good orgasm does a lot of good for your body, and masturbation should be more of a pleasant than grueling experience.

6 Health Benefits of Male Masturbation Machines

1. Can Help Managing Premature Ejaculation

Sex and relationship therapists across the globe found that men who experience premature ejaculation during sex can get a huge advantage from masturbation by masturbating for an hour or two before sex. This is actually a technique recommended by doctors as part of behavioral treatments for managing premature ejaculation.

2. Can Improve Sperm Motility

Some researches believe that masturbation can improve sperm motility and quality. Theoretically, masturbating before intercourse releases the residual sperms in the semen transporting tubules. In this way, masturbation allows for the new and better sperms to be released during sex and help in increasing the chances of conception. This is still a highly discussed subject, but where there is hope there are possibilities. 

3. Can Help to Prevent Prostate Cancer

In one Australian research, it was found that men who ejaculated more than three or five times a week had a decreased chance to develop prostate cancer. The test compared the lifestyles of men with and without prostate cancer, and found that the protective effect of masturbation was particularly great when men ejaculates in their twenties, and reduces their chance of prostate cancer by a third.

4. Helps You Last Longer and Increase Libido

Masturbation is practice and helps to build endurance. If you are interested in increasing your libido, then making sure you put in the work and training is crucial. Masturbation machines can help you by allowing you to create preset sessions, and make sure you increase stroke length and speed by design. Making sure you get familiar with your body is the best way to last longer, and sex toys can hugely benefit that process.

5. Could Help You Manage Stress and Depression

Masturbation is know for releasing a bundle of hormones, such as

  • Testosterone – improves stamina and arousal.
  • Dopamine – related to our brain’s reward system.
  • Prolactin – effects our mood and immune system.
  • Endorphins – also boosts the mood, relieves stress and a pain reliever.
  • Oxytocin – the love hormone.

So there is no wonder why studies constantly find connections between masturbation and managing stress and depression.

6. Helps in Reducing Nasal Congestion 

Masturbation or sex has been shown to help in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose according to researchers at Tabriz Medical University in Iran. Theoretically, it may improve the symptoms of hay fever, common cold, allergic rhinitis and many other health-related ailments related to nasal congestion. 

A Handy Update – End of Summer

A Handy Update

Hi all, Alexander the CTO of Handy here. I wanted to give you all a Handy update on what we been doing the last months and what is going to happen the next months. 

Handy sales have been increasing the last two months. This could not be done without the help, reviews and post you guys have made. So, thanks a lot for that! We are a small startup and need all the help we can get to grow further. 

There have been a lot of cool new reviews out there during the summer months. It’s is extremely motivating for everyone in the Handy team to read that our product is that well received in the market. 

A lot of our attention the last months have gone to scaling the business, and we are trying to attract smart people to help us evolve the tech, create new stuff, spread the word and grow. This process is a little slow, but hopefully our development will speed up by a lot when our engineering department gets bigger and the new hires are up to speed. Currently we are 4 engineers, but we hope to at least double this during 2020. 

We have had 3 main focus areas this summer: 

  • Server stability 
  • Companion app for simpler Wi-Fi setup 
  • Band improvement 

The server stability 

We have done some changes to the current system during the summer and the server system seems a lot more stable. We have built a completely new server architecture from scratch, but there is still some final testing before we can make the switch. The new architecture will lower latency and be ready for the tens of thousands of new Handys that will go online the next months. 

Companion app 

The current wifi setup is not the simplest one. When everything works smooth it is quite nice, but most of the feedback is that we need to change this process. We are creating a companion app for iOS and Android that uses Bluetooth to provision the Wi-Fi credentials to Handy and to see/change the Connection Key. To enable BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) on Handy was a much bigger task than we initially thought due to the extremely high RAM usage of the BLE stack. BLE is now enabled in our new 3.X FW (I will describe that in more detail later). The actual app development is started and the app is due in end of October (if everything goes according to plan). 

Band improvement 

We got some complaintabout our band solution. We have now changed it to a thicker high-quality material. The band is washable, and the sewing is improved to improve the overall experience. This new band is now the default band when you buy a Handy. It will be possible to buy the band separately as well.  

We will also release an extra band that is a little longer, which makes it better to use with bigger sleeves. Both bands will be in stock and possible to buy in September. 

A Handy update: Other things that we are working on 


There are a lot of requests for us to develop new hardware. When we develop physical items we usually design and create prototypes in Norway, then we go to China to meet all the necessary experts in various fields, discuss and make plans for manufacturing. Sadly, the covid-19 situation has put a blocker to our travel plans and all new HW development have been postponed. Hopefully, we can get to China in October to resume all our projects. 


We are creating some new sleeves now. It looks like there will be 3 open ended sleeves with different tightness. Some more testing and feedback needed before we can start the manufacturing. ETA in stores is September/October. The overall look will be the same, but they will have different sensations based on the majority feedback we received from all of you. 

We want to create a lot of sleeves going forward and hopefully the sleeve development process can speed up a little. 


1.0.0 API draft have been a huge success. A lot of cool apps have been created. The final documentation will be updated this week and 1.0.0 will be officially released. The endpoints will be the same, but the documentation will be better. 

3.X Firmware

We are building the firmware from scratch. We have worked on this for 6 months, making the FW more secure, modular, and flexible. The 3.X FW uses BLE instead of local AP for Wi-Fi setup and have some cool new features like that streaming protocols. In the next weeks we are opening up for our pro users to switch between 2.X (current FW) and the new 3.X FW. More on this later. 

I will try to post regularly on our progress going forward.  

Please continue to provide feedback, support, and love. 

I’m available for DM’s on reddit and on Discord. 



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