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Say Hi to the Dream Collection Sleeves


We introduce three new sleeves that explore the sensations of the human body.

Meet the Dream Collection

We are proud to present our newest sleeve collection made in collaboration with everyone from the Handy community! Thank you for all of your input and and ideas!

Like any of our other official sleeves, all of the Dream sleeves can be used together with the Handy or by itself as a standalone toy, making them perfect for an elevated wank, or to complete your fantasies with Handy video synchronization.

Whether it comes to adding some extra spice to foreplay or solo-play, each of our Dream sleeves will bring a uniquely stimulating experience. Designed to recreate realistic sensations, our three newest sleeves come in different shapes and titillating textures. Each sleeve is inspired by the sultry pleasures of oral sex, vaginal sex and of course, a good old hand job, making all of your deepest fantasies come to life…

All three are available now in our webshop which ships worldwide.

Dream Lips

With the Dream Lips sleeve, we set out to create something inspired by the sensations of oral sex. With a whole variety of textures throughout creating massaging effects and light suction at the very end, we think we’ve created something special. There is a tighter pocket at the tip that pops over the glans for a touch of more intense stimulation after the teasing textures throughout the length. We think this one is best enjoyed long and slow to fully appreciate the diversity of textures, a sentiment also echoed by our testers – but of course feel free to experiment however you like!

Finally, the firm opening with a double lip not only mimics tight lips sliding over your member, but also helps to hold mess in place. Bonus!

Be aware that this one can be slurpy due to the suction effect (potentially an added bonus if you’re looking for added realism.)

Dream Lotus

Glide through the smooth curves to reach a pleasant surprise at the innermost section. There you’ll find a more intensely textured area which is designed to stimulate the glans whilst the rest of the penis is snugly enveloped. If soft but tight is what you’re looking for, the Dream Lotus is for you!

In our user tests, this sleeve was a favourite due to the contrast in textures. Some commented that it also felt great post-orgasm due to how gentle it is compared with other sleeves.

Dream Touch

We wanted to create our own spin on the open-ended sleeve with the Dream Touch. This time, we took advantage of the shorter, more compact form factor to create something that is similar to the precise, massaging motion of an exhilarating hand-job as the stroker moves up and down the length of the penis. Strokes with the Dream Touch are more rigid than the other sleeves of the Dream Collection, so the feelings can be lot more intense according to our testers!

As you push through each of the inner “petals”, imagine someone teasing your frenulum and glans as well as across the length of your shaft. If you’re craving full-on sensations, then you should give the Dream Touch a try!