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Introducing IVDB — 1400+ Scripted Videos Now Available


Our Interactive Video Database has entered beta and we're excited to share a trove of interactive videos with Handy fans!

Although we haven’t talked about it much, we’ve been constantly working on expanding Handy-compatible interactive videos over the last year.

We’ve finally made enough progress to release what we have to the wider community. We have scripted about 1400+ porn videos, both publicly available porn from free sources like PornHub, as well as scripts for premium sites like The Benefits Monkey, VRHush, and several others.

We are calling our collection of scripts the Interactive Video Database — or IVDB for short — and you can find it at ivdb.io.

The site itself has all the details, but in short we have put together a browser extension that automatically loads up an interactive script for any available video you may watch. That said, we don’t cover even 1% of all the available porn out there on the Internet, but we think our offering of some of the highest-rated videos will be a good start for the majority of Handy users.

Browse through the videos and scripts available on IVDB and we’re sure you’ll find something to your taste!

Beta Limitations

We are calling this release a beta and it comes with a number of limitations:

  • The extension will only work in Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, etc.)
  • The best experience will be on desktop — we haven’t optimized the extension for mobile just yet
  • You can download the scripts for local playback. However, the scripts will only be available as Handy script tokens not FunScripts

The Near Future

The IVDB project is new for us and the industry as a whole, so we don’t really know what the future will bring. We can tell you that we’ll continue to work on stability, compatibility, and generally improving the overall user experience. Try it out and let us know your thoughts on The Handy subreddit and our Discord channel.


We are taking requests for creating new scripts and you can leave your suggestions here. We can’t promise you that we’ll fulfill all requests, but we’ll do our best!

Happy masturbating,

The Handy Team