We did a lot of research on the market, and our competitors, before we even started on HandyTM. There are a lot of strokers out there, but you realize that they are far from perfect. Especially if you look at the feedbacks and the reviews. A good exercise is to visit Amazon and read the comments. Some are obviously fake, but there are still real reflective reviews. When you read reviews on blogs it is good to be a bit skeptical as some of these are paid content.

Our research in combination with online reviews got us the following absolute requirements for HandyTM:

  • Need enough power
  • Good ergonomics
  • Fits all shapes and sizes

If you simplify it, it needs to be better than the cheapest stroker out there; your hand.


We have placed a powerful brushless motor in  HandyTM to ensure enough power for you. A brushed motor simply could not keep up with the speed and rotations without generating a lot of heat and noise. If you know motors, then you know that a brushless motor is superior to the brushed motor but needs more electronics and cost more. When we open the other strokers on the market we found cheap and weak brushed motors which was never an option for  HandyTM. If you decide not to go for the  HandyTM, you should find a stroker with a brushless motor (if you find one please let us know so we can update our blog).


If your hold your  HandyTM in your hand, you will know instantly that we have taken ergonomics into the design process.  HandyTM is one of the smallest strokers on the market, and the compact design helps you use the machine in the position you like the best. The sleeve is designed after a lot of A/B testing resulting in our patent pending design that we believe will rock your world!

One size fits all?

With our flexible sleeve and custom hook&loop grip (TrueGripTM), the HandyTM can fit all sizes from a pen to a beer can (excuse the bad quality pics). Hopefully your penis is within that range! Other strokers have a fixed grip that are listed as “fits all”. But we say – that is not true. You need a changeable diameter to fit all. Some strokes have different sleeve sizes so you can buy the one that matches your penis the best. In our research, tough, we found that this is not a good idea simply because your penis has different shapes during use. If you are flaccid or semi flaccid, it should be able to accommodate that as well to a fully erected penis. With  HandyTM you can start off in any state and adjust the grip during use.

See the video below to understand how to use HandyTM

Better than the hand?

We come with some pretty bold statements. And thats because we believe in our product. But we want to hear from you, and what you think about our statement that Handy – is better than the hand!

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