It may sound simple, but giving mutual masturbation a try doesn’t come easy for everyone. After all, most people are used to masturbating solo and bringing themselves to eye-rolling orgasms with sex toys. That’s why it might feel awkward or uncomfortable when someone else is observing the action.

Masturbating is a really fun and positive thing you can do with your significant other. It helps remove barriers around a couple’s sexuality and move the relationship to a more intimate level. The more you know about your partner – the easier it is for you to make them happy.

Next up are reasons why you and your partner should touch yourselves in front of each other and enjoy a life packed with mutual masturbation:

Mutual Masturbation = Super Fun and Intimate

Mutual masturbation can often be many times more intimate than regular sex (or vaginal intercourse). It’s intimate since you have to share what is normally “only for you”. So letting someone be a part of that experience will surely build a stronger connection between the two of you.

It Makes Couples Sexually Self-Confident Around Each Other

Letting your partner see that vulnerable side of you and watching them drool and getting turned on by your act is such a big confidence booster. Another plus is that it’ll make you feel accepted and sexier than ever.

The first time you start masturbating together, it may initially seem kind of uncomfortable and serious. Don’t worry, just try to keep things playful and game-like.

Start by revealing a technique you love and get your partner to show theirs. Later, as the two of you become more comfortable, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident to bring yourself to orgasm.

It Helps Your Partner See Which Technique Works Best For You

Many people climax when masturbating, even if is hard for them to get there during intercourse. This is why mutual masturbation may be the perfect way for lovers to tip each other on what works best for each party.

And let’s be honest, if you don’t orgasm often during sex, would you not want to try and change that? Sure you would. So allowing your partner to watch you get hot will only help him/her to please you right next time.

It’s Live Porn and an Absolute Turn-On

If you’ve read erotica or watched porn while masturbating (which is all of you), then you understand what we’re talking about. Except masturbating in front of a partner is far sexier. Can you even really compare the two?

That is because it’s meant for your eyes only and it including all senses. You can touch, feel, smell, talk, listen and feel your partner – which is more than any video can give you at this point in history.

Mutual Masturbation: A Good Alternative to Regular Intercourse

Let’s say you or your partner is mighty horny, but it’s past midnight and one or the two of you have to be up in a few hours. As much as you would love to get it on, the energy or time just isn’t there.

So what do you do? The answer is mutual masturbation. Kiss, caress a little, lend each other a hand and ten minutes later, you’re both blissfully on your way to an orgasm-induced dreamworld.

Priceless Health Benefits

If sex, orgasm, and masturbation have several health benefits, that means mutual masturbation does too! Since the two types of masturbation, mutual and solo, will surely lead to orgasm, get ready to reap additional benefits like:

  • Better sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Happier mood
  • Clearer skin

Now, having seen ways mutual masturbation can be beneficial to your relationship – how can you make the idea appealing to your partner so they don’t turn down your suggestion?

And when your partner welcomes the idea – how can you make it a sexy and fun activity you could both look forward to from time to time instead of a one-time disaster? Find out in part 2!

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