1. Can Help Managing Premature Ejaculation

Sex and relationship therapists across the globe found that men who experience premature ejaculation during sex can get a huge advantage from masturbation by masturbating for an hour or two before sex. This is actually a technique recommended by doctors as part of behavioral treatments for managing premature ejaculation.

2. Can Improve Sperm Motility

Some researches believe that masturbation can improve sperm motility and quality. Theoretically, masturbating before intercourse releases the residual sperms in the semen transporting tubules. In this way, masturbation allows for the new and better sperms to be released during sex and help in increasing the chances of conception. This is still a highly discussed subject, but where there is hope there are possibilities. 

3. Can Help to Prevent Prostate Cancer

In one Australian research, it was found that men who ejaculated more than three or five times a week had a decreased chance to develop prostate cancer. The test compared the lifestyles of men with and without prostate cancer, and found that the protective effect of masturbation was particularly great when men ejaculates in their twenties, and reduces their chance of prostate cancer by a third.

4. Helps You Last Longer and Increase Libido

Masturbation is practice and helps to build endurance. If you are interested in increasing your libido, then making sure you put in the work and training is crucial. Masturbation machines can help you by allowing you to create preset sessions, and make sure you increase stroke length and speed by design. Making sure you get familiar with your body is the best way to last longer, and sex toys can hugely benefit that process.

5. Could Help You Manage Stress and Depression

Masturbation is know for releasing a bundle of hormones, such as

  • Testosterone – improves stamina and arousal.
  • Dopamine – related to our brain’s reward system.
  • Prolactin – effects our mood and immune system.
  • Endorphins – also boosts the mood, relieves stress and a pain reliever.
  • Oxytocin – the love hormone.

So there is no wonder why studies constantly find connections between masturbation and managing stress and depression.

6. Helps in Reducing Nasal Congestion 

Masturbation or sex has been shown to help in the reduction of swelling vessels of the nose according to researchers at Tabriz Medical University in Iran. Theoretically, it may improve the symptoms of hay fever, common cold, allergic rhinitis and many other health-related ailments related to nasal congestion. 

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